Nine Inch Nails – Hartwall Helsinki Finland


Nine Inch Nails

Hartwall Arena Helsinki Finland

The 8th of May 2014

Text by Arto Lehtinen

The editor-in-chief of Metal-Rules.Com may get fist fucked because of the Nine Inch Nails gig review, but hey Nine Inch Nails were one of those industrial pioneers opening doors for this type of sonic tormenting assault. Obviously the legendary Woodstock show back in 1994 definitely catapulted the band led by Trent Reznor into another dimension of the success. Of course Downward Spiral is definitely the epitome of all industrial albums in ages and the whole genre as well. Even though NIN have visited Finland a couple of times before, but for some reason the timeline ended mostly around the time of the Downward album for me. Therefore going to witness NIN was definitely more than a welcomed idea.

The Hartwall area with the 12000 seats was half packed by different sorts of people, from metal fans to the alternative crowd and of course mainstream music lovers having attended the NIN gig. On the other hand that amount people in such a huge hall looked truly pathetic. The smaller venue with the same amount fans would have made the gig more intimate as well as a way more brutal by creating the more suitable atmosphere for one hell of a memorable NIN show.

The gig started with the Pinion intro and was followed by “Copy A”, “100.000.00”. However the setlist had been created to cover a lot of the material from the era of 1989 – 1994. Especially the songs, f:ex “March Of The Pigs”,”Piggy”, “Closer” etc, off from DOWNWARD SPIRAL played the dominating role on the set. Whereas “Head Like A Hole” out of three songs off the debut album PRETTY HATE MACHINE caused the ballistic reaction amongst the audience. In the mid of the gig the venue turned to an ambient sonic catacomb, when beats of songs such as “The Great Destroyer”, “Me, I’m Not” definitely went straight to the heart and head.

The whole show was nothing, but an utter tremendous triumph of lights and visual aspects. Getting the epilepsy stroke resulted by the flashing light was quite near. All the visual aspects created real massive and unique show fitting to the sonic pleasure of NIN from the softer to the head ripping. The separate massive huge gate looking construction showed up between the drums and the rest of the band. As for the band, Ilan Rubin proved to be the real multi-instrumentalist by doing the drums and handling the guitars as well, the guitarist Robin Finck mauled the guitar while taking care of the vocals. To sum up, the whole NIN sounded extremely killer, vicious and above all razor sharp.

The whole visualized show was concluded by the obvious choice “Hurt” of which Johnny Cash made an immortal cover version before passing away. That brought the tranquiled harmonic atmosphere to concluded the gig.

Nine Inch Nails offered a real in your face show with the massive light show and a real deal of the most asskicking songs from the long career. Trent Reznor with the back-up forces were on the strike thru the whole 90 minute set. Even though Reznor is reaching the magical 50 year sooner or later, he still lives up with the passion to the music and the performance. Well maybe he ain’t that wild as 20 years ago at the legendary Woodstock show.

Pinion / The Eater of Dreams
Copy of A
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Becoming
Gave Up
Me, I’m Not
Came Back Haunted
The Great Destroyer
Hand Covers Bruise

Beside You in Time
Somewhat Damaged
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole