Eric Clapton – Journeyman (SACD)

Eric Clapton

Journeyman (SACD)
2014, Audio Fidelity
Rating; 4.5/5









The second Eric Clapton by Audio Fidelity so far this year and rumour has it that more is coming down the pipeline. One can only keep their fingers crossed and hope that they do as both BEHIND THE SUN and JOURNEYMAN are fine releases.

Never a huge Clapton fan but always appreciated his work, especially the early stuff. His 90’s and on stuff tended to be too laid back apart from the RIDING WITH THE KING album he did with B.B. That was an incredible album from start to finish. His 80’s albums I was mostly unfamiliar with but after hearing these two SACD’s from Audio Fidelity I can remember hearing many of the songs before. Yes there is some of that big 80’s production but it doesn’t seem to be as pronounced as on BEHIND THE SUN but it is still there. It is clearly a late 80’s album.

The songs on JOURNEYMAN are a bit more laid back and mellow than on BEHIND THE SUN but his guitar is more pronounced in the mix where it should be. This is an album that you want to put on on a rainy afternoon and just kick back and relax. The Blues comes through on “Before You Accuse Me” which along with “Run So Far” are my personal favorites on the album. His rendition of this old Blues number is quite enjoyable, unlike his take on “Hound Dog” which doesn’t come close to The King’s original.

Overall this is one of Clapton’s better albums and deserves a place on your music shelf. While it may not be as critically acclaimed as some of his earlier outputs it did get him a grammy for the song “Bad Love” and it was his first double platinum release. If you like Clapton and don’t own this album then pick up this version as it does sound nice.