Eric Clapton – Behind The Sun (SACD)

Eric Clapton

Behind The Sun (SACD)
2014, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 4/5







BEHIND THE SUN is regarded as the guitar god’s ‘Comeback’ album. It was on this album that Clapton experimented with the new sounds of the decade and thus an underrated classic was born.

This is the first of two Clapton album’s that Audio Fidelity have issued this year and it’s an interesting place to start. You’d think that they would have gone after the tapes and released a more iconic album but instead chose this mid 80’s album. Personally I am kind of glad they did as some iconic albums get re-issued to death.

BEHIND THE SUN  is an album that embraces the sounds of the times yet it does not sound too dated. Yes you can easily tell when it was released but the songs are still a great listen. Clapton’s playing is as good as it ever was. There is no place on the disc where he really lets loose like he did in the old days, instead he is more precise in his playing and makes each note count. It is an album that evokes memories of days gone by. Though I am familiar with some of Clapton’s work, this was new to me. After the first listening session there were some tunes that struck a chord with me. It was an old familiar sound that brought back memories of when I was just really getting into music and hearing different stuff on the radio.

I love the big 80’s production. It was a time when music was everywhere and this is the sound of an era. Yes the drum machines were terrible as were the synths but that was the ‘in’ thing at the time. Hindsight is always 20/20. We cannot change it. Apart from the drum machines and synths there is some great guitar on the album and the songs are all enjoyable to listen to which is the main thing. Looking forward to more Clapton from AF.