Interview with Elysion

Interview with  Christianna of Elysion

by Helias 


The “Silent Scr3am” is a dreamlike and out of this world debut for Elysion and the first time I heard it I wanted to know much about this band. From this interview with frontwoman, Christianna, two distinct impressions came out; the first includes all that you will read below, and have to do with the album, the band is interested and several around it. The second one isn’t reflected here. It is what one obtains, speaking with such a cultured, smart and energetic person who is the leading lady of dark and gothic/symphonic scene of Greece! Hello! This is Hellias Papadopoulos from, I am very happy and glad for this interview! First of all, how are you doing? And where are you checking in from today?

Big hello to you too from all Elysion,let us hail all dear readers!I am very excited about chating with you too, we are all doing great and enjoying another beautiful sunny afternoon in Athens:) How did Elysion get started and how did you come up with the band name?

Things began back in 2006, when Johnny Zero started the band with the rest of us joining him onboard gradually throughout the years, speaking of our current lineup. As for the name, well it has a mythological reference to the ancient Greek ”elysian fields”, an imaginary island of rest for the souls of brave soldiers after their death, like an ancient Paradise. We thought that this overall sense of hope and romanticism behind this term suits Elysion’s identity perfectly and as it turned out it really fits us like a glove! More and more female fronted band join the metal scene every year. What’s the thing that puts Elysion apart from the others?

Could there ever be anything apart from a band’s personality that sets it apart from the rest…?We don’t like to feel piece of a whole bunch of female fronted bands, even the term ”female fronted” hardly gives any real information of what a band sounds like. Our atmosphere and music forms Elysion’s identity, be it embraced or disliked by someone, this is it. Can you tell us some words about the songwriting and recording sessions?

Elysion work as a team, especially now that our lineup has been completely stable for many years it feels great to get inspired by one another and know exactly what we are about. I like the fact that we never stop composing, regardless of whether it’s time to focus on a new album. So by the time we hit the studio for the recordings we are pretty much fully organized, with our pre-production already sounding very close to what we wish the final outcome to be. Who is responsible for your albums as producer?

We have been working with Mark Adrian for many years now, so he’s more like the sixth member of Elysion and we consider him family by now. In SOMEPLACE BETTER album, we ourselves were very much involved in the entire production process which was a very illuminating experience. And, of course, Dan Certa and Dave Collins’ perspective over the album’s mixing and mastering influenced the final sound a lot. Is a new Elysion release in the works? If yes, what new things would it bear on it in compare with the previous ones?

I think it’s quite early to talk about details of a new release since Someplace Better was only released a couple of months ago.We do have new material under construction that we never stop working on, but for now our priority is to play live as much as we can and enjoy this new album in as many gigs as possible. We are looking forward to travelling along with our music and fill the Elysion ”diary” with many exciting new entries, that will become inspiration for future use.

Elysion band There are several female fronted metal bands out there that try to increase their hype and noise around their name by showing the woman’s beauty and sex appeal or they are on the ‘hottest chicks’ list. There are a few of them that have already done a topless photo shooting to promote their band. Is this right for you? Did Elysion have the same proposal by a promoter? If you have this proposal tomorrow, how would you react?

I ‘d rather not place all bands in one bag as I only like to comment on someone individually, every case should be very different. Also,I highly respect everyone’s right to choose their way of trying to succeed, not all same things work for different people and I hate to place ethical judgements in general. I can only speak for Elysion so the answer is no, as far as I know we never had any proposal of this sort. To lighten things up a bit, I’m sure my four fellow bandmates would not object to themselves appearing topless :P. I’m kidding. I don’t think anyone would believe Elysion’s atmosphere could be enhanced by some sexy photo shoot that would be a very bad marketing idea. You are a Greek band. So, I’d like to ask you some questions about it. A lot of bands are more respected in other countries than their homeland. How is Elysion received in Greece? I’m just asking as Greece is not a country where symphonic/gothic metal grew up.

It might be so but Greece has always had a very dynamic and devoted metal fan base .We would be the last ones to complain about the way our homeland has treated us ,as this would be enormously ungrateful. I know Elysion always meant to treat our Greek crowd with respect and it was obvious, from our very first steps, that we were awarded with equal respect from this crowd. I don’t believe in behaving snobbishly with any type of audience, it just shows a band’s inability to win someone over. If what you have to offer is true, that will be acknowledged sooner or later. Is there any other Greek metal band that you would like to share the stage or do collaboration in a record?

Sure, there are many. As a matter of fact, in SOMEPLACE BETTER we had the honor of collaborating with the amazing Fotis Benardo (Septicflesh,Sixfornine) who plays drums in ”Our Fate”. There are truly many Greek musicians we admire so it would be a thrill to join forces with them, be it in an album or on stage. A compatriot band, Suicidal Angels have recently moved to Germany to keep their thrash metal flag up. Another compatriot band, Septicflesh have taken a more symphonic approach to their death/goth metal and that was a success story for them. What steps or approach would be taken by Elysion if they would like to get bigger than they are?

We only wish to be as big as our music can makes us. No less, no more. We wouldn’t deliberately stray from our musical identity to pursue a more fruitful passage, even if there was such a thing as a resipe to success. Since you mentioned Septicflesh, I think their amazing talent and character made them who they are. It’s being unique that made them, not being followers, and suggesting that their majestically overwhelming contribution to the scene was a result of practical thinking is inaccurate. You can’t write music on purpose and hope to make a carrier out of it, or everyone would have figured how to succeed by now. I don’t know what could make Elysion bigger and what exactly bigger means. I wish for us to evolve and write more beautiful songs, be better at what we do.

ElysionpromoSS01-web Many new female fronted bands have taken a progressive, heavier, or more complicated approach to their music. Your band, however, keeps it more simple and straightforward. What inspired you to go in this direction?

We never decided to go for one direction rather than for another…I don’t know what other bands do and why they choose to sound the way they do, I only know that in Elysion we don’t have any recipes, this is just what comes out of us. So far it has been straight forward, like you said, and let me say it could be more difficult this way because staying simple is quite hard. You have to only choose what’s most important. Still, who knows what will happen in future..?If we get to have a different inspiration, we won’t hesitate to surprise ourselves! What music label would be the most suitable for Elysion’s music? Symphonic metal, gothic metal or?

oh, but you can’t rely on a label to tell you what you can only hear and feel with your heart. What’s the main influences on you and Elysion as a band?

Elysion have very wide musical backgrounds and we differ with each other but somehow this makes a fine blend. I have been listening to all extremely wide platform of rock /alternative heavy metal/atmospheric different clans of music since I was ten years old, that covers a lot of differentially:)If I had to only name one band, although the influence in Elysion cannot be noticeable, this band could only be Iron Maiden because if it had not been for them none of us would be doing what we do today. Can you share the best billing for a female fronted Fest?

Well I’d like to enjoy different oriented bands in the same gig, so apart from Elysion, if I could add us to the billing, I’d love some differentiallity, like maybe Halestorm, Within Temptation and Arch Enemy. I’m a huge fan of them all!  Could you respond to the following terms in just one word or sentence:

With pleasure! Since I’m the one doing this interview right now I’ll feel free to fill in wharever I please, hope my four Elysion bros don’t object too much! Hehehe!

Favorite female-fronted band:Halestorm

Nightwish: changed my life something like 15 years ago, can’t listen to the older albums without crying over this dive into memories.

Greece:a sacred land abused without mercy for hundreds of years mostly by its own children

Politics: the art of commiting the most savage crimes against humanity and getting away with it.

Favorite TV series: oh so many!I’ll stick to the ”Big Bang Theory” ,can’t get over my love for nerds since I’ve been, and still am, proudly, the queen of Nerds!

Favorite comic character: Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone

Best video game ever: hmmmm,could be God Of War. Thank you for your time and this interview. I wish you and the rest guys of Elysion all the best!!!

Once more, thank you for this honor and pleasure! Elysion hope to catch up with as many of you as possible from stage, in a live show this year! Take care and pack your bags for Someplace Better!