Summer Breeze Festival 2014 (Preview)


The Summer Breeze festival is held in Southern Germany Dinkelsbuhl every year in the middle of August. Every year about 40,000 metal maniacs gather to witness great performances by several metal bands in the festival. Booked bands on the bill present a wide range of metal, from extreme metal to symphonic power metal.

Summer Breeze Festival has been arranged with great success since 1997. The festival has increased its capacity in the sophisticated way, not having expanded the area tremendously to have hundreds of thousands to conquer the fest. Instead, Summer Breeze has invested in the general comfort as the audience would enjoy their time and are able to see bands in action.

Summer Breeze 2014 offers a great deal of bands from one side to another. It is especially cool that the Bay Area bulldozers, Machine Head, will be headlining the festival. It is going to be interesting how many circle pits will outbreak and how crowd-surfers will go over the wall. Or will Children Of Bodom win over Machine Head for crowd response? It is going to be a battle of the biggest circle pits between Machine (Fucken) Head and The Bodoms. However, the Summer Breeze festival offers all in all 107 bands during four days. What a bill to be honest. Death metal legends Master, Benediction, Hail Of Bullets, Obituary, thrash metal blitzkrieg Death Angel, the Finnish young thrashers Lost Society and of course the mighty Testament, also black metal such as Watain. Plus there are a lot of bands which we have to check out.

Getting to Summer Breeze is pretty easy. Take a plane and fly to Stuttgart and get a rent-car to along the road 25 to reach the festival area.

See ya there !

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