MORTALICUM “Tears from the Grave” album details

The 3rd album of MORTALICUM “Tears from the Grave” will be released via Metal on Metal Records on April 25th, at the Keep It True festival, which became sort of tradition for these Swedish doom rockers (their debut was out at KIT 2010 and their second one at KIT 2012). According to the label, “It’s their most doomy release with longest and slowest songs, full of soulful melodies, but those who loved their more hard rocking side need not worry, as it’s still very much present here – the more upbeat songs have really infectious riffs and just call for headbanging. The album radiates with ’70s and ’80s warm vibe that will surely please fans of BLACK SABBATH, GRAND MAGUS, CANDLEMASS, TROUBLE, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, RAINBOW, THIN LIZZY, and the like…” 

promo clip for “Tears from the Grave” album (featuring a fragment of the title track) can be watched on YouTube, while three full songs, “The Illusion”“The Endless Sacrifice” and “The Winding Stair”, are available for streaming from the band’s page.

The “Tears from the Grave” track list is as follows:
1. The Endless Sacrifice
2. I Dream of Dying
3. Tears from the Grave
4. The Illusion
5. I Am Sin
6. Remember the Fallen
7. Spirits of the Dead
8. The Passage
9. The Winding Stair

The album art was done by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi. More details about it be found on the page of this release.

MORTALICUM “Tears from the Grave” CD can be pre-ordered with a discount fromMetal on Metal Records’ website, while the digital download is available from Bandcamp.



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