MELIAH RAGE “Warrior” album details

The 8th full-length of the US power/thrash veterans from Boston MELIAH RAGE was supposed to be out last year, but apart from finding a new vocalist, the band didn’t have much luck, in particular due to health problems of the guitarist Anthony Nichols (who underwent 2 surgeries for herniated disc last June, and in December suffered severe wrist injury requiring multiple plates and screws). It will still take months before they can play live again, as besides the broken bones, Anthony’s tendons and nerves will need recovery time, but at least their new CD “Warrior” is finished and will be released onApril 25th through Metal on Metal Records. The label states: “The new album is more in-your-face and aggressive than their last one, mostly thanks to the new singer, whose vocals, while being pretty versatile, are less melodic, but the band’s trademark intricate dual guitar harmonies and melodic interludes are still there of course. They have delivered a solid, hook-filled album, and show they can still pack a punch.” 

The band’s vocalist, Marc Lopes, created a lyric video for “I Am the Pain”, which can be watched on YouTube. This song, along with 2 other songs off the album, “Stranger to Your Sympathy” and “Warrior”, are available for streaming from Metal on Metal Records website. And a promo clip for the album (featuring a fragment of a song“When We Wake”) can be seen on the label’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the track list of “Warrior”:
1. Warrior
2. I Am the Pain
3. Stranger to Your Sympathy
4. When We Wake
5. A Dying Day
6. These Scars
7. Garden of Evil
8. In Hate

The album art was designed by award-winning artist Martin Bouchard “Fitto”, and painted by Alec Dowie, the band’s drummer Stuart’s brother. More details about “Warrior” and high-res cover image can be found on the page of this release.

MELIAH RAGE “Warrior” CD is available for pre-ordering with a discount from Metal on Metal Records’ website, while the digital download (in lossless formats) from the Bandcamp page.  Later on it will be distributed digitally by CD Baby and made available also from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other retailers.



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