Interview with Dave Garcia (Cage, Hellscream)

Interview with Dave Garcia of Hellscream and Cage.

by JP

Dave Garcia (2013) - 600 x 600

Tell us about your new project, Hellscream!

Hellscream is a musician band that is comprised of the meeting of the minds of myself and Norman Skinner. The music is primarily a heavy edged power metal project.

Hellscream logo (Medium) 600 x 200

How did you meet up with Norman Skinner?

This was a meeting by chance that happened at the 2011 NAMM show in Anaheim California. We started talking about what we had going on and at that time I was looking for a great vocalist to do a new project. He instantly said he was very interested and we exchanged our contact info and soon after began writing songs.

Because Hellscream is so new to the Metal scene there does not seem to be much info yet. Who else is in the band and will you be touring soon?

The CD was written entirely be Norman and myself. Norman created all lyrical content, helped with arrangements and sang like an animal! All of the instrumentation was performed by myself in my studio. We have had a great response to the debut album and are looking forward to another CD with a tour follow up! Due to our other band obligations we are currently involved with scheduling will be critical. I have a great selection of potential players lined up for the next cd already.

This is perhaps a tougher but fair question. Cage and Hellscream are quite similar stylistically being both US Power Metal. What made you want to branch out and work on another project?

This was really a fun project! I had about a nine month period where the Cage camp was distracted so it made sense for me to keep busy! Norman and I worked exclusively by e-mail only! We were transferring files back and forth using Protools software. I am really sure we only spoke to each other at most three times the entire year while we were writing the cd. All else was only by e-mail!

What special significance does the title MADE IMMORTAL have for you?

I thought that the song was so freaking awesome and with the way the entire project evolved it was a perfect title for the CD!


Hellscream - Made Immortal cd cover 600 x 600


How are the song-writing duties in Hellscream divided up? Does one guy bring the main riff or is a collaborative effort born out of jamming?

I was the one that would write the riffs and do some examples of arrangement. I then would send Norman the the mp3 for him to review. Norman would then send back to me an arrangement with lyrics.

Who handles the lyrics?

Norman Exclusively!

Switching over to Cage, last time I chatted with Sean he said the latest record is going to be a horror-themed concept album. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes! The new CD is basically two thirds of the way completed. it is a horror theme concept album based on a 45,000 word mini novel that Sean Peck wrote! The title of the cd is “Ancient Evil”and takes place in England around 1819. There will be also special guests on the CD and so far it is really sounding amazing!

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There has been a pretty seismic lineup change with three-fifths of the bands changing over. I know Cage has always been you and Sean but can you tell us a bit about what precipitated the membership evolution?

The current line up is by far the best we have had the pleasure to work with! The reality is that Cage has been cranking out music for 22 years! There have been some great relationships with previous members and will always have great memories of all the awesome shows and touring together!

Are you going to shop the new Cage album to labels or continue to maintain your independence?

It has worked well for us to remain independent! We have a fantastic fan base world wide and appreciate their loyal support!

Hellscream - Dave Gacia (Guitars - Cage) 2 - 600 x 600

Since your nickname is Conan, are you looking forward to the new Conan movie, THE LEGEND OF CONAN with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I am! He was a big influence on my earlier years as a competitive bodybuilder!

What do you to keep in shape, both physically and in terms of playing?

I still work out every other day at the gym! I still watch the type of food I consume however not as severe as I used to be when I was active in competitive bodybuilding. Because of the stress on the hands I do play as much guitar as possible to minimize the effects from weight training.

Have you ever thought about doing a solo album?

I have some fantastic projects coming up that sound really exciting! Anything is possible! I am working with Benjamin from Online Metal Promo to help further opportunities moving forward!

Hellscream - Dave Gacia (Guitars - Cage) 1 - 600 x 600

Do you keep in touch with the Voz guys?

Morrie is my bro! i have had some fun tours and experiences with him for sure! We are also in touch through Facebook!

What does 2014 hold for both Hellscream and Cage?

Look forward to the new CD “Ancient Evil” and we are touring in Europe In July 2014′. There also is a midwest tour being scheduled in November! The live shows are extremely fun for The Cage boys and we deliver pounding in your face true metal power every time!

Thank you!