Freedom Call – Beyond

Reviewed: April 2014
Released: 2014, Steamhammer
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The happiest band in Metal is back! Again almost two years to the day since LAND OF THE CRIMSON DAWN was released, Freedom Call are back with album number eight, in the form of BEYOND.

This band is finally getting that consistency, which is good because it was a lack of consistency that has dogged earlier phases of their career. They seem to be on track. The last three albums all have 14 songs for a running time of an hour. They all have great cover art. They are on the same record label and same studio again. Even the original bassist, Ilker Ersin is back in the fold. The only notable change is the addition of Iron Mask’s drummer, Ramy Ali. All this consistency leads to another great record! I feel they have finally locked into their signature sound.

My last pair of Freedom Call reviews have been quite long-winded and introspective, and with so little change, I’ll keep this one short. This album is extremely similar to the last few in terms of production, presentation and top-tier individual performances. If anything BEYOND is a little less humorous than the last one that had a handful of lyrically comedic songs. BEYOND is more straight ahead but no less happy, inspiring and uplifting. There are a few flourishes of acoustic piano and some swashes of keyboards but mainly we get enthusiastically presented fast, clean-burning Power Metal.

All the hallmarks of the bands signature sound are fully intact; soaring vocals, glorious and majestic chanted gang-vocals, loads of double-kick drums, bouncy melody lines and infectious choruses. Chris Bay leads the charge with his enthusiastic vocal delivery. Freedom Call is one of a couple dozen European Power Metal bands that burst onto the global scene in the late 90’s and have carried the flag for true metal and BEYOND is yet another triumph in what is becoming a long, respected and distinguished career.


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Track Listing:
1. Union of the Strong
2. Knights of Taragon
3. Heart of a Warrior
4. Come on Home
5. Beyond
6. Among the Shadows
7. Edge of the Ocean
8. Journey into Wonderland
9. Rhythm of Light
10. Dance Off the Devil
11. Paladin
12. Follow Your Heart
13. Colours of Freedom
14. Beyond Eternity

Chris Bay Guitar, Vocals
Lars Rettkowitz Guitar
Ilker Ersin Bass
Ramy Ali Drums