Interview with the mighty THOR!

Interview with the mighty THOR!

by JP

We had the pleasure of an audience with the mighty Thor!  Thor is Canada’s first and longest running Metal band now celebrating 40 years of heroic metal and Muscle Rock.  Enjoy the words of the gods! 


To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Thor, you have released a very nice double set of albums, THUNDERSTRYKE and THUNDERSTRYKE II. Tell us about how these collections came together.

There was much demand for more product from the legions of the THOR KORR around the world. And we are honored that our fans demand more product. We wanted to oblige. Many offers came in from international labels. Costa the president of Rock Saviour Records in Germany made us an offer that we couldn’t refuse. We wanted to write new material and release lost tracks for a series of records dubbed TSI and TSII. There would be both cd and vinyl. I have so many songs in my catalog. As well I continue to constantly write more new material. Its in my blood. I want to share my creativity with the THOR fans.

Many people don’t realize that you are Canada’s longest running Metal band. Where do you find the willpower to continue on?

I Live for Rock and Metal. It is in my blood and veins. As long as the demand for THOR continues to grow with generations of all ages around the world, we will continue to Rock The World and Fight The Good Fight! .


How has the industry evolved since you started?

The technology has accelerated in vast proportions and this has changed the industry. Back in the 70’s when THOR started, we would record on 24 track analog tape. This was quite cumbersome really. When you wanted to edit in the studio, you would have to splice the tape and connect the ends back together and hope that you got the right spot. With digital now it is so much faster and easier. We released vinyl records and 8 tracks in the 70’s, then cd’s came along in the 80’s. Now vinyl is popular again and digital downloads are prominent. It will keep changing and evolving. The internet changed everything. I love it. It was made for THOR!

How important is it in this day of digital downloads and instant gratification to have a strong image and quality physical product and merchandise?

Social media is everything. THOR has an incredible internet presence. We aren’t just a band from the past, THOR is a band of the future!!! Adapt or Die!!!!


Having said that I noticed you have a few digital only release in the past few years. Are there any plans to make these available on CD?

We have plenty of hard copy product out there and plenty of digital. I like to keep some exclusive digital only records out there as collector items. We do have adaptions. Along with Thunderstryke I CD and vinyl, there coincides the digital record “Aristocrat of Victory” which includes songs from TSI as well as other unreleased material not on the hard copy versions. Lets keep it interesting.

Have you considered some sort of epic box-set?

Yes. How did you know? There will be a surprise announcement soon.

Tell us a bit about the Men Of Iron and how they have been able to carry the hammer of Thor!

I feel that in this business you have to be creative in your marketing and think outside the box. Don’t do the norm, try to be unique and reach other levels. THOR does a lot of cross marketing with the brand. This year there will be a onslaught of THOR franchising across the globe. With all my endeavors and projects, I can’t be everywhere I want to be. There would have to be ten of me. Okay I thought, then there will be. Lets franchise the brand. IRON THOR (Messengers of THOR) will tour Europe. ZON THOR Son of THOR will tour Western Canada. THOR and The IMPS will tour Eastern Canada. MOTH (Men of THOR) will tour the Southern USA. THOR The Rock Warrior will tour the USA. THOR Metal Avenger will tour South America. More to come. Then we have movies, Sports teams, Comic books and it goes on.


Do you have any vocal exercises or techniques you use to keep your voice in shape?

Yes. I do Mayan and Nordic chants and vocal scales. It can sound quite strange. People who hear me become frightened. Sometimes they think a fire truck is going by with the Siren sounds.

thor olympia arms

It has been quite a few years since the launch of the Beast-Women project. Is there any word on the progress of the movie or game?

The Beast Women concept with the Album, CD and tour was great success. The movie itself took a backseat to the other movie projects such as INTERCESSOR, FUBAR, THOR The Rock Opera, WHITE LIGHTNING. We are working on another movie right now. There is going be a release of the “THOR Rock Warrior” and Beastwomen graphic novels, called the THOR Collection as drawn by the amazing fantasy artist Mike Hoffman. A third installment is planned. We are working on a THOR Rock Warrior game.

This is a tough but fair question. You have a very long and complicated discography with countless reissues and labels and at times less than adequate distribution. Why do you think this has been one of the issues that has haunted Thor for so many years?

Right now we are in an amazing place in our career. Everything couldn’t have worked out better. Maybe at times it has been unorthodox and unconventional. But we always tried to be adventurous and pursue new directions. There has been obstacles along the way. But the sign of a true champion is to overcome the barriers and move forward. There has been incredible success. With our innovative ideas and cross marketing, THOR is accepted by throngs of new generations around the world. And it only continues to grow. We grow with the technology, social shifts and changes. Whether it is from the movies, recordings, merchandising, sport events, live concerts or other forms of media, whatever it is it works. Whether we release limited editions of our records or a large distribution, its the collective of all your work and how a band promotes its brand that counts in its longevity. While many bands we knew back in the 70’s are forgotten, THOR continues on. THOR is a juggernaut. THOR is unstoppable.


Do you come across fans who only want to see the old stage show and are only familiar with the older 80’s albums?

There is an amalgamation of fans that want to hear songs from various timelines and we oblige.

It has been a while since Anthorology came out. Do you have any plans for another DVD release, perhaps a live show with some (or all) of your videos?

An announcement soon on the movie “I AM THOR” and AnoTHORlogy II

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 How was the Florida tour?



What does the future hold? Can we expect a new album? What touring plans do you have?

The future is exciting! re: albums, touring All explained previously

Do you have any inspiring word for the Thor Korr?

Always believe in yourself. We are all Warriors of The Universe!


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