Rustfield – Band leader/singer Andrea Rampa


Band leader/singer Andrea Rampa – Rustfield

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Tom Hack for getting this interview done.
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Rustfield is a brand new Italian act that released their debut album KINGDOM OF RUST at the end of 2013. I hooked up with one of the band leaders, singer Andrea Rampa a while ago in order to get to know the band a bit better. The album features guest appearances from some very well known names like John Macaluso to mention one. If you’re into progressive rock/metal make sure to check out Rustfield.


Hi Andrea, ready to kick off the interview?

Lock and loaded, mate! 😉

Before you and Davide Ronfetto formed the band back in 2007 were you friends and when did you guys first meet?

Well, we can say that Davide and me know each other since always! We grew up in the same village and I am just three months older than him. We never were in the same class but we went in the same schools since we were 3 years old till we were 18! We spent our adolescence together, with nice friends group, so we knew each other very well, due to the fact that we spent a lot of time together.

Were you and Ronfetto involved in any other bands before you formed Rustfield?

Not really, we played in some bands but nothing serious, just cover songs for fun.

Was it hard to recruit members to the band and have you had any changes in the line-up since the beginning until now?

Yes, it was! In 2007 and 2008 we were looking for other guys to create the classic 5 guys line-up and start composing songs. Unfortunately we found people not interested in the kind of progressive metal we wanted to create, or people interested but just for fun and not willing to work hard towards the purpose of an album recording and its publishing through a big label and so on… So, in the end, we were pretty pissed off of that situation and we started to compose the songs by our own!

Who writes the music and lyrics?

Both, some music was composed together with guitar and keyboard in hands, some other music was composed as an individual work and then we did the arrangement together. We usually work alone on lyrics but we always do the final overview together. It happened just on one song to work together on lyrics, but this is not usual. Our lyrics are often very personal and it is better to work on them alone.

A demo that included six songs was recorded during 2009 what respond did you get on that from labels and critics?

We sent it to few reviewer, just two or three but we never sent to labels. Let´s say that the first demo self-production was made in order to face and start learning how was recording for real, because we never were not experienced in that before. Moreover, the demos were used to find some guys to form the whole line-up. After having our music recorded on a CD it was easier to find some people interested to join us, they could immediately listen to the whole songs and then tell us their opinion. In this way we found the Spagnuolo twins, Alessandro & Luca, bass and guitar player, that are joined us in every future adventure.


Did the release of the demo lead to any record deal or shows for Rustfield?

Not deals because no promotion of that demo was made to the labels, but it was easier to propose us to the venues and start the live activity. We were joined by the Spagnuolo twins and a drummer in spring 2010 and we started playing live in 2011.

Another three song demo came to life in 2011. Did you record both demos without any help from any record label?

Yes, when the other guys were getting confident with the songs of the first demo, Davide and me were already composing some new songs and decided to record them to test our improved recording skills. The second demo started where the first one ended so we can consider them as a training for a real album recording.

You call your music progressive rock/metal. Which bands or artists have influenced the music of Rustfield?

It is not easy to say because I love many different bands but it is also hard to say to what extent they influenced Rustfield´s music. Pink Floyd is, in my opinion, is the best rock band ever existed and I love the so much! Then some heavier stuff like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Of course some progressive metal like Fates Warning, a band that I really love, and perhaps some early Dream Theater, but I am not so sure about that. Then some electronic music like Boards of Canada, Jean Michel Jarre.

When did the band do its first live show?

On February 4th 2011, at Hiroshima Mon Amour, one of the most popular venues in Torino. We played on the small stage of the venue, in a different room than the main stage which it was in a too big hall for our audience! I remember that there was a rapper called Marra Cash performing on the main stage and it was funny too see hip hop kids and metallers entering in the same venue together! 🙂 It was a nice evening, we performed almost all the songs of the two demos and we played a little bit less than one hour.

You took part of the Emergenza festival last year, tell us about that? How was it?

It is an international contest for newcomer bands, the name is quite funny because, in Italian, the word “Emergenza” means both Emergency and Emerging! Of course is a contest so the more friends you bring to the venue, the more you go on but in the end it is something good to do at least once in a lifetime. It was a nice experience even if was quite crazy because there were ten bands playing on one stage every night for 30 minutes each, so you can imagine the chaos on stage and in the back stage. Anyway it was a good occasion for us to make other people know who we were, without taking care of managing all the show details with the venues.

Is it correct that the band toured in Germany in 2011-12? How was that and how long was the tour?

Well it actually was not a tour because we played one show in Germany in 2011, one in 2012 and one in 2013! We got in touch with a festival based in Mörfelden-Walldorf, the partner town of our birth town, Torre Pellice. They invited us to at the festival in 2011, they enjoyed our show and invited us also in 2012 and 2013. It was a very nice experience, we would like to play more often in Germany.

The band comes from Italy but where in Italy do you live at the moment?

We grew up in Torre Pellice, a small village fifty kilometers west from Torino, in north-western Italy. That’s a nice place even if it is about 5000 people. It is set in a mountain valley, the ones where the 2006 winter Olympic games took place. The other guys of the band have southern origins, Sicily and Puglia, but they were born in Torino where they still live. Davide also lives and works in Torino. I am currently living in Weinheim, Germany, a town close to Frakfurt Am Main.

Do you consider Rustfield being a duo with you and Ronfetto or as a “proper” band?

We consider Rustfield as a band led by a duo. Due to the stories I told you before, we were the ones who started this adventure in 2007 and the ones who composed all the songs, so it is normal that we are the ones more involved, because we had to take every decision by our own. We do not want to be like little dictators but obviously, after all the energy and efforts we put in Rustfield, it is normal that our opinion is a little bit predominant.

Where does the name Rustfield come from? Does the name mean anything special to you?

In the beginning we named ourselves just “Rust” giving to the decay of metallic materials a metaphorical meaning, a sort of ruined and decaying state of mind reflecting all the lies and hypocrisy of the society where we are living. Soon after, we discovered that a Finnish rock band was already named “Rust”, we decided then to add another word. Our music style was developing to this hybrid between heavy metal, progressive, electronic and psychedelic, and many songs were characterised by different atmospheres. We had fast and aggressive metal riffs, but also mellow melodies and calm interludes, so we searched for a word to reflect this complete different atmosphere. Then it came “Field” and we created the name Rustfield! This is name and also the topic of our debut album, Kingdom of Rust, cover artwork.



Is it correct that the album contains songs from when you first started out as a band?

Yes, Kingdom of Rust contains all the songs previously self-produced for the demos and two more other songs for a total of eleven songs and almost 70 minutes of music. When we decided that the time to produce our first studio album was about to come, we looked at our demo and realized that every song deserved to be well recorded for an official release, it would had been a pity to lose even one of them! So we started rearranging the songs to change some little details that we did not like anymore (even some titles) and then we started the official recording session. In the meanwhile we composed some other songs and we decided to add two of them in album.

Have you re-recorded the old songs or mixed them and featured them on the album?

We re-recorded everything, just some keyboard programming and sound effects were left from the demo sessions, the kind of sounds that were not recorded through a microphone. As I said before, the demo sessions were very useful to get confident about the way to record music so, when we started to produce Kingdom of Rust we were not total beginners and that helped us a lot.

The song “Waxhopes” was featured on YouTube, what did people think of the song?

Well, it’s hard to know, there were not so many comments below the video, just some “like”. The point is that even YouTube is a little bit congested and it is not easy for a very newcomer band to be streamed by a wide audience, even if we are working with a twenty years experienced label like Massacre Records. On the other hand many reviewers thought that the song was very good, they appreciated the energetic heavy metal riffs and screams vocals as well as the space rock interlude and mellow melodies of the beginning, and Federica’s guest appearance, of course!

Does the title KINGDOM OF RUST means anything special to the band?

Kingdom of Rust is part of a verse of Love Moan, the acoustic song on the album, it relates with some aspects of our society, all the lies that we are forced to say and hear every single day and all the dangers we try to hide but are there and ready to hurt us. We created a glorious kingdom but unfortunately it is rusty… This topic is recurring in many of our lyrics, but Kingdom of Rust is not a concept album.

The cover art-work was made by Candace Hoeckley, what do you think of it? Do you think it reflects the music and the band well?

Yes, totally! We were looking for something like that when we searched the in net for some inspiration. Then, on DeviantArt website, we discovered a picture of a city in front of an immense desert with an old man in it, the artist was Candace. We contacted her in order to ask her if she could take that artwork and do some changes to fit it best to our idea. She accepted and turned the desert in to an immense wheat field, the old man into a road signal that welcomes to Kingdom of Rust, and turned the overall tint (previously dark yellow) into a rusty colour. She did an excellent job, we are very happy with that. Unfortunately in the printing process it became a little bit darker than what we expected, but anyway it looks very good and is also on our official t-shirts! Candace realized also another artwork similar to this, it can be seen on the back cover of the CD and soon will be part of the new graphic design of our website (


John Macaluso, Federica De Boni and Douglas R Docker makes guest appearances on the disc. Were you all friends or how did they end up on your album?

There´s a different story for each one. Davide met John when he played a drum clinic in Torino, then, he listened to one of our demo songs, Waxhopes, he liked it and we decided to have him playing on that song. Right after the recording session we listened to the song and we found that it was very good so we decided together to have him on more than half of the album! We met John in a very particular period when we had no official drummer, Salvo Amato was not playing yet with us, it was great to have his talent on our album! Regarding Federica we have been White Skull fans since we were teenagers and when we knew that she was coming back to Italy after ten years in The States, we contacted Tony, White Skull’s leader, in order to ask her if a guest appearance on our album. She accepted and was very happy about that! When we started listening to heavy metal she already was in US so we never had the occasion to see her and listen to her live. It was amazing to meet her and listening to her recording a song written by us! 🙂 Once again the story with Douglas is different. I knew him since the 90s, I was just a kid and he attended piano lessons by him. Then, he started a nomad life and travelled to Sweden, France, and Thailand, coming back in Italy just in 2008 when we got in touch again. It was incredible to discovered that we liked the same bands and music, so we became friends and started to know about each other’s music activities. He joined us for some keyboard parts on our demos, we joined Docker’s Guild debut album as spoken vocal guests. Then, Davide, Salvo and me, took part to the album release party performing in the live line-up of his rock opera. So it was natural for us to ask him to join us in the recordings of Kingdom of Rust.

The statement “Music which entwines classic heavy metal with electronic and melodic pieces of work to a more progressive style” can be read in your biography. Is that something you can agree with?

Yes, of course! Our music does not have just a face but different sources of inspiration. I love classic heavy metal like Priest and Maiden, but I also love progressive and psychedelic rock like of Pink Floyd, and I am attracted by electronic music. It is normal for me to mix these influences together when composing Rustfield’s songs. This is our way to do progressive metal! Davide also loves different music styles, he likes shredding guitar solos but also keyboard programming as well as folk music. He is very talented in using synth programs and machines, I think he is a brilliant producer and it is also because of his touch that our album has a so interesting electronic mood.

To whom does the album seems to appeal more to, to metal fans or fans of progressive music? Or maybe to both? 🙂

Both, you’re right! 😉 Everybody can enjoy it but it is necessary to be open minded. It is for sure that a hard core heavy metal fan would dislike the album because is too electronic and calm, and it is for sure that a hard core progressive rock fan dislikes it because it is too heavy! That’s why I say that the listeners of Kingdom of Rust should be open minded and good willing to hear an album that tries to explore something, at least a little, quite experimental and, we hope, a little bit different form the classic cliché of progressive metal we are used to listen to.


Is it correct that you recorded this album without any help from a record label?

Yes it is correct. The point is that, nowadays, the record market is struggling and nobody still unknown, as we are, can be helped by a label at the beginning. Producing a new band is an anti-economic investment, because the offer is very wide but the demand is very low. Unless you are somebody already know in the business, nobody would help you. Today you should have the courage to produce yourself by your own and then to propose your work to the labels in order to publish and promote the record. It’s a hard world but, as Rush said, we hold on! 😉

Would you say that Rustfield is a DIY kind of band?

No really, because we just did the artistic work by ourselves, we were oriented to the labels since the beginning and we never took in account the possibility to release the album by ourselves, we never wanted to go further with promotion, and marketing, that is not our business! Perhaps the only positive evolution of the music business in the last years is that everybody is now doing its own work, musicians do music, labels promote and markets albums! This is what happened with Massacre Records, we sent them our music, they liked it and released it without asking us to change anything in order to sound like other bands already popular or change artwork or make band photos with particular clothes or makeup and bullshit like that!

The album is quite long with 70 minutes of music. Was it something you planned to do a long album?

No, we just didn’t want to take away any song from the demos and we wanted to add also some of the latest works, the result was almost 70 minutes of music. I must confess that I prefer shorter albums but Kingdom of Rust just came out this way and we liked it just as it is. Fortunately, I think we did a good job in choosing the track-list. The album is long but it flows well, the songs are very dynamic and I think that the listener never gets bored because of those many atmosphere changes I mentioned before. I’d like to compare it to the album Awake of Dream Theater. I don’t want to make a comparison between us and such a “holy band” but also Awake is a long album and full of songs very different one to each other. Some of them are heavy, some are progressive, some are mellow, and this is what also Kingdom of Rust is!

The song “Compromise Trilogy” are a three piece songs in the middle of the album. What is that song about?

Davide wrote both lyrics and music for those three songs, the main argument is, of course, compromise. The first song, Burning the Air, is about war, about the crazy compromise that people must do the preserve peace by making war. The second song, Sacrifice, is about the sacrifices that people must do in human relations. The last track, Social Contract, is about the everyday compromise that everyone of us makes in order to live in our society. This is an issue that Davide loves a lot, I guess that some new songs will also be about this topic. This is a trilogy because the songs are connected one to each other, on the lyrics side and on the music side, they are played with the same guitar tune, drop C, and are heavily electronic. Nevertheless we usually perform them as standalone tracks, especially if we do short performances at festivals and we do not want to use half of our time just with a long song! 😉

The last song “High Waters” clocks in on about 12 minutes, what is it about?

I wrote the lyrics for that song, it is about changes and the way they can suddenly come into our life and change your point of view. The metaphor is a sailboat navigating along the coast always on the same well know routes. Then a storm suddenly approaches and pulls the ship far away from the coast forcing it to navigate in open sea, on high waters, following new routes and discovering a completely different way to navigate. It is a song that I love so much because there’s a lot of me in it. The music atmosphere follows exactly the lyrics mood, smooth and calm along the coast, fast and in odd tempos when the storms come, and finally very energetic and somehow epic on the finale, on high waters. It is an excellent ending track for the album and for the concerts also!

Have you read any reviews of the album in media? Do you and the band care about what media have to say about your work?

Absolutely! I search the net every day in order to be always updated with the latest reviews and the guys at Massacre Records send us periodical reports about promotion activity, webzines, magazines, airplay and so on. I personally take care of the band’s website and I am regularly updating it with the latest reviews. It is a little bit maniacal, I know, but I want to give the chance to everybody to have free access to an archive where they can find any line written about us in many languages. Nowadays reviews and interviews in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese are archived on the website… It is very important for us to know what press think about our music, we worked on that for so many years and it is nice to know the opinion of somebody who never heard of us. Sometimes they really understood what we wanted to create with Kingdom of Rust… sometimes not! But, you know, that’s life! 🙂

You held a release party for the album, how was it? Did you perform live?

The album release party took place at Maison Musique in Rivoli, Italy, a beautiful and famous venue with a wide stage that let us to bring on all our equipment in order to perform Kingdom of Rust in its entirety and exactly as it was recorded. Beside electric guitars, bass and drums, we had keyboards, acoustic and classic guitars, contrabass and a big piano, played by Douglas R. Docker! After playing to some festival where we had only 30 minutes to perform, it was great to have a big stage dedicated just to us, with all our equipment on it and with no hurry. It was a wonderful and unique night because it is not easy to carry all that equipment, especially a grand piano, on a stage and to make them sound good together, acoustic and electric instruments sound completely different one to each other.

You and Federica De Boni sing a duet on “Waxhopes” what is the song about and how was it to sing a duet?

The song about the ancient Greek myth of Icarus but seen from the point of view of Daedalus, his father. The myth is not considered in terms of moral of a son who disobeys father’s will, but in terms of the sorrow Daedalus felt for the loss of his son. Despite Daedalus was a very wise man capable of many scientific wonders, he couldn’t save his son’s life. The duet with Federica is also a connected with music, there are not characters performed just by me or by her, it is just Daedalus memories. When Federica accepted to sing on our album we wandered about which was the best song suitable for her style, we decided to go for Waxhopes because it has a very heavy verse where her vocals fit perfectly. That part was already composed for the demo version and I sing that part live but her vocals are really amazing! I invited Federica to take part to the release party but unfortunately she couldn’t join us, it would be great to sing that duet on stage! We played a concert supporting White Skull and I had the chance to step the stage with them and sing along with her on the song Asgard, a classic of theirs! That would be great to do repeat it with Waxhopes on day. 🙂

PRE-LISTENING TRACK: “Waxhopes” from “Kingdom of Rust”

In retrospect, are you happy with the album or do you feel you should have done anything in a different way?

Well, I am always over-critic about myself and I always want to do better, so there is always something I would like to change! I am 28 years old and I recorded Kingdom of Rust when I was 26. I think I still have to learn many things about vocal and I think that, nowadays, I sing better than how I did two years ago. Of course there are some details that I would like to change but, you know, I cannot take a record in your closet until it is exactly as I like, it would be never published! So in the end I shut up that little maniacal voice in my head and stopped worry about every fucking detail… the result is satisfying, indeed! 😉

Studio and production

Where was the album recorded and how long did it take to finish the album?

The album was recorded in many studios. And in different locations, it was a work that took us more or less four months, since September 2011 till January 2012. Due to the fact that nobody of us is earning money through Rustfield, we all had to work or study, so we could not take three weeks to dedicate only to the album recordings. Just think that in that period I was studying for my last exams at university! It was unpleasant to do different recording sessions but we had no choice. In the end, after all, I am happy anyway, I do not think that working this way was a disadvantage for the album´s quality, it was just a source of delay but nothing more. The reason why the album was released on December 2013, almost two years after the end of the recordings, mix and mastering, lies in all the details we had to take care by ourselves. Above all there is the promotion to the labels. You must think that labels receive hundreds of CD every month and need a lot of time to listen to them and take a decision. Just think that a big label answered us after 13 months after I sent them our album promo! That seems incredible but is unfortunately true. Due to technology progresses, recording has become cheaper and cheaper and more and more bands can produce their own music. High offer but low sells, it is normal to suffer a kind of blockage and delay.

Where did Macaluso, De Boni and Docker recorded their parts?

John recorded at Rock-Lab in Torino, the same studio where we recorded some other stuff and mixed the album. Federica in a small studio in Vicenza called The Basement, which is a super-modern basement full of the newest equipment for audio recording! 😉 Douglas recorded keyboards in his own home studio, in Luserna S. Giovanni.

You and Ronfetto produced the album, how was that? Was it hard to stay objective?

Not at the beginning but just in the end, when we had to say the final OK and proceed with the finishing phases, that was really hard because he is as much over-critic as me! 🙂 Taking care of the production was amazing, we were totally free to do what we wanted to do! Those songs were written by us and every melody, note and sound, is there because we wanted it in there, nobody else! Just two little details were changed by Andreas Polito during mix. He suggested us to create a sort of psychedelic pattern editing John’s drums on Waxhopes first guitar solo, and suggested a peculiar equalization for first verse vocals on The Secret Garden. For everything else, as we say in Italy, that’s all flour coming out of our sack! 😉

Do you think you’re going to continue produce your own albums in the future?

Yes, absolutely, Rustfield is what we are, and we are our music so there would not be any sense to have any external supervisor.

Andreas Polito was in charge of the mixing and Mike Lind did the mastering. Were you also a part of those processes along with them?

More or less. Andreas Polito, owner of Rock-Lab studios, mixed the album and we supervised the process. Mike Lind mastered it in his own studio near Stockholm, due to the time and work constraints we could not assist him during the work.

Past present and future

Have you been out on tour anything recently in Italy?

No, during the last autumn we just played one show in Genova, one more in Germany, and the album release party. It was hard to manage the activities of both release the album and touring and we decided to focus on the release.

The band hasn’t done much live shows since 2011, what’s the reason to that?

Well, first of all there is an economic reason. When you play live it is nearly impossible to be paid back, we are not popular enough so we have to invest money on live activity and we preferred to invest on the album’s production. The other reason is technical. We want to propose on the stage the same sound we have on the album, we do not want people to say “Rustfield are very detailed in sound on the album but they suck live!”. Because of this we cannot play in every place and in every situation, we need good equipment and enough time to check all the sound for every atmosphere, otherwise there would be no sense to invest money in shitty shows!

Are there any plans on heading out on tour in 2014?

We would like to play at some festivals, but we are still working on it and there is nothing official yet.

How would you like to describe a live show with Rustfield as?

I would describe it as something very dynamic, where the audience has no chance to get bored. The numerous dynamics changes let the audience to enjoy both heavy and soft songs creating a peculiar atmosphere that is captivating since the intro to the last song. Rustfield show is a satisfying experience for open minded music lovers. Moreover we’re attractive guys and we do a lot of jokes, so if you don’t like music at least you can laugh and watch a handful of sex-symbols musicians! 😉

Are there any interest shown for the band from the rest of Europe?

We received good reviews by press all across Europe: Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain, so we hope that these approvals could quickly evolve into an interest for live experience. Anyway we are already looking forward to that, we do not want to wait until good news will fall from the sky in our hands…

What’s the main focus for the band at the moment?

It is the live experience, indeed! We released our debut Kingdom of Rust and it has been appreciated by the press, now it´s time for the metal audience to see us in action and to listen to the album performed on a stage. We are looking forward to this but we know that it could be a hard task. We do not have any fan base yet because we are newcomers, so we must be the first ones to invest on live activity, it would be hard to find promoters to help us, one good reviewed album is not sufficient, the golden age of heavy metal is over… We are aware that going on tour will be an enormous effort from our side, both logistic ad economic, but anyway this is what we want to do so, sooner or later we will realize it. Playing live is the most fulfilling experience for a musician and we don´t want miss it!

Are there any plans on trying to conquer the rest of Europe or Asia and America soon?

Yes, due to the fact that we live in Europe and we are European citizens, I think that the old continent would be our first goal. Then, when, we will have 5 bonus troops per turn, we will take care of conquering America and Asia. At least we can also try to destroy the yellow army, it´s up us! 😉

Are you currently working on new material for the next album?

Not really, we have a handful of songs but they are left in a corner stuck at different finishing levels, some just need lyrics, some others still need the final arrangement and some are just riffs and sequences. We never stopped composing but we had to concentrate all our efforts on Kingdom of Rust promotion and on the album release party. Now we want to concentrate on live so we will start again composing deep once that task will be solved.

When do you think that the next Rustfield album can be find out in stores?

Ah, that’s a good question! I guess that the live issue will take us busy for a long time, due to these logistic and economic matters. Moreover, we are perfection maniacs so we want to work on songs without any pressure in order to record only the best that we compose. No filler songs are allowed, we must be totally convinced by our production. Putting this maniac approach together with a possible live experience, I guess that a new album could be out within the next five years. This seems to be a long time, and in fact it is, but when you have to manage the economic, logistic and, creative aspect, it seems to be, unfortunately, realistic…

The band is active on Facebook and YouTube, do you think it’s important to be available on all the various kinds of social forums?

I think it is important to have a direct contact with fans and friends all over the world and social networks like Facebook and YouTube offer this chance. On the other hand, as Jim Matheos of Fates Warning said, the risk is to become like a car seller, always trying to catch the attention of users publishing useless stuff every day! Moreover, it has no sense to judge a band’s quality by the number of fans it has on Facebook! I think that there must be found a sort of balance between a correct use of social networks and useless bullshit! 😉


What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t heard of Rustfield before?

If you are an open minded music lover, and you love both heavy metal, electronic and psychedelic, you should listen to Rustfield’s Kingdom of Rust! You´ll discover a very interesting band out of the classic conception of progressive metal! 🙂

What are the plans for the band in 2014?

Soon we will start working to plan a real tour, perhaps supporting a bigger act. This purpose will take a lot of time and energy so I don’t know how many shows we are going to play this year.

Finally do you have any words of wisdom to share with the readers and fans?

Words of wisdom? 😉 “if someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!” (Ghostbusters)

Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy KINGDOM OF RUST? is an exciting melting pot of heavy metal, electronic and psychedelic music, united under the flag of progressive metal. is a true album that comes out from heart of its composers. is available for an attractive newcomer price and it contains almost 70 minutes of music.

Thanks for taking the time to do the interview. I wish you and the band all the best in the future!

Thank you very much for this well detailed interview, it was a pleasure to answer your questions. Thank you to everybody who dedicated a little bit of time to Rustfield, see you soon! 🙂 ~Andrea

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