Tom Keifer – The Way Life Goes


Tom Keifer
The Way Life Goes
2013, Merovee Records
Rating: 4.5/5

Cinderella’s Tom Keifer finally released his solo album last year to much praise and positive reviews. It was one of my favorite releases of the year and it got many spins in the Celtic home. Finally I sit and write my thoughts on this album that I have been listening to for a few months now.

Being a fan of Cinderella since NIGHT SONGS and especially loving their LONG COLD WINTER album I was anticipating this album for ages. I wasn’t expecting a Hard Rock or Metal album but I wasn’t prepared for what I got in the least. This album hit me instantly and I couldn’t stop spinning it. I loved it and still do. It has that old familiar sound to it but still being fresh and new. Some may say it’s Country but I don’t. I do hear a tinge of Country influence but so did some Cinderella songs. There is that Hard Rock sound on “Not Enough” which could easily be a Cinderella song. The Blues Rock influence is heavy but not in a Clapton way where it’s more predominate. It is more subtle here just a little more pronounced than on many of Keifer’s band songs. Like all great album’s there is a good mix on THE WAY LIFE GOES with mellow songs, upbeat ones and mid-tempo’s. Tom sings them all as only he can. His distinct and raspy voice has never sounded better than on this album. I would compare it to LONG COLD WINTER if I was forced to choose. Hard to believe he almost never sang again after throat issues then delivers such a strong solo debut.

This is one of the best albums you can pick up from last year. It holds up on repeated listens and only gets stronger. I am positive that by the time Summer rolls around (IF it ever does) this will be my album of the Summer to listen to in the yard or while driving on those beautiful sunny days.