Dead Boots – Veronica

Dead Boots
2013, Independent
Rating: 3.5

My interest in Dead Boots was sparked due to the fact that half the band are the sons of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Their father’s influence is definitely felt in the guitar of this album. It is crunchy, raw and Blues based. I also get a bit of a Cheap Trick influence especially on “Saturdays”.

Despite the influence from their father and Cheap Trick the music is somewhat difficult to categorize. It is very close to Power Pop but with a Rock edge. I would put them in the same category as Cheap Trick and Big Star if I had to put them anywhere. The music also has a bit of a 70’s radio feel too it. Some of it you almost think you heard it before somewhere but can’t quite place it. It’s good but unfortunately it falls into the forgettable category. You listen to the album, enjoy the songs but afterwards you cannot recall a single song. Unfortunately not much stands out on the album despite all of the songs are enjoyable to listen to.

A fun album to listen to, especially in the summertime but forgettable. Put it on at your next summer BBQ (IF Summer ever arrives) and enjoy the music.