Hellfest 2014 – 20th – 22nd June

Someone should really change the name of Hellfest. To Amazing-fest or something. Just cast your eyes over the 2014 lineup and you can see why this French festival has become known throughout the world since it’s first incarnation in 2006.

Hellfest 2014
Hellfest 2014

A headlining trio of Iron Maiden, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath is just the start, there’s also Deep Purple, Rob Zombie, Slayer, Emperor, Megadeth, Opeth, Monster Magnet, Watain and one of the Queensrÿche’s. And that’s all before you get into the smaller stages properly – Phil H Anselmo & The Illegals, Nile, Paradise Lost, Clutch, and Electric Wizard are just a fraction of what you’ll find there.

Proof that Hellfest doesn’t really do small; just world class. And that’s not only when it comes to the music. Hellfest is equally known for its attention to detail on site from the hidden bars to the firepits and the ramshackle metal stalls, and of course the ‘Hellfest’ tree – fed with metal and adorned with a swing.

See it for yourself at www.hellfest.fr – we think you’ll agree that hell ain’t a bad place to be.

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