Verdelet – Lights of the Old World

Reviewed: February 2014
Released: 2013, Self Release
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

There’s a lot going on in the UK black metal underground right now, yet so much of what comes up from the scene is often stagnant and lacks a lot if the violent energy and repulsion that made the genre what it is today. This is why when I first heard VERDELET, I was so pleasantly surprised. This Southampton based outfit have milling around on the underground for two or three years now, with a full length out in 2012, but this is could be their best release to date.

“Bring out Your Dead” kicks affairs off with a venomous and plague wielding blast that shocks and captivates you right from the start. Although nearly seven minutes in length, the track becomes like a sinister whirlwind that goes by in a wicked flash. Highlight track “Terminal Decay” starts off with a great rhythmic punk rock attitude, whilst Immortal-style atmospheric chord work keeps the grim spirit burning in the track.

The EP’s punishing production really hits through on “Blackened Bones” where the pace is dropped to create a more hypnotic atmosphere, which also allows more room for bassist Hareth and drummer Vadok to show off their skills. Closer “Clarity” begins a more traditional metal vein as a galloping rhythm leaps forth. Fragmented chord work gives an eerie feel and that recognisable atmosphere which is so essential for a great black metal track. A band that plays such quality material and gigs so frequently across the UK is certainly one to be watched, and Lights of the World is not a purchase you’ll ever regret.

Review by Jarod Lawley


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Track Listing:
1. Bring Out Your Dead
2. Terminal Decay
3. Blackened Bones
4. Clarity

Morior – vocals
Hareth – bass
Balan – guitars
Vadok – drums




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