Crematory – Antiserum

Reviewed: February 2014
Released: 2014, SPV/ Steam Hammer
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Germany’s flagship Goth Metal outfit Crematory are back with an album that with question raises expectations high. Having stated that this upcoming release will surpass their previous comeback record Revolution, with a stronger electronic stance, Antiserum delves further into their own brand of EBM Metal than ever before.

Opening with what sounds like the deep heart monitor and some infectious synth beats ‘Apocalypse Vision’ sets an interesting tone as the spoken dialogue wades in. ’Until the End’ picks up where the intro left off, with a heavy guitar crunch and spoken growls. The track is counter balanced with clean vocals transitioning between the electronic and husky roars displaying a well measured range melody throughout.

‘If You Believe’ kicks in with plenty of raw sounding vocals and head banging induced riffs that will get you nodding along in approval. The clean chorus section soars high and gives an accessible quality to the band that works in a complimentary manner to their sound. The atmospheric touches provide a darker and more gritty sound with whispering vocals and a strong orchestral back drop.

The Industrial pitches of ‘Kommt Naher’ reveals more of the electro influences and is just as likely to get people dancing as well as moshing along at live shows.

Meanwhile, the grueling sounding lung bellowing of ‘Virus’ carries many of these qualities forward but with a greater sense of urgency. The catchy drum work and layers of symphonic beeps scattered throughout cranks up energy even further.

Tailing off with the piano led ‘Antiserum’ the band attain a higher level with an anthem sized grandeur. The deep throated screams and singing blend together with ease as the riffs charge onward into a climactic departure.

This album worked really well at providing an interesting hybrid of metal fueled aggression and heavily textured synth passages that certainly make them stand out. The band’s most admirable quality is their ability to converge different influences into their song writing and pull it off to a pro standard that should satisfy the current fans out there. The only downside of this is that songs did lapse into mediocre territory at certain points with many of the same ideas being thrown together in a formulaic way. However, if your looking for some harsh sounding metal or something to get the glows sticks out too then this album may well be the perfect harmony between both needs. Solid work guys.

Review by Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
1. Apocalyptic Vision
2. Until The End
3. Shadowmaker
4. If You Believe
5. Inside Your Eyes
6. Kommt Naher
7. Irony of Fate
8. Virus
9. Back From the Dead
10. Welcome
11. Antiserum

Matthias – Guitars & Vocals
Harald – Bass
Katrin – Keyboards & Samples
Markus – Drums & Programmings




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