Pseudocidal – Roots Run Deep

This is midlife crisis metal, and it doesn’t get heavier than that!

20 some odd years ago, in a small Florida town, two misfits decided to record an environmentally conscious ‘Iron Man’ re-write. Jeff played guitar and Kevin emoted his best Ozzy impression. The song debuted over their high school intercom and received a lukewarm response. This was the humble beginning of Pseudocidal!

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The guys relocated to Tampa in the mid 1990’s and immersed themselves in the heaviest of metal scenes. The good times were many, and the song writing was set aside while the beers flowed steady. Life happened, the guys settled into families, careers, and the 8 to 6 routine. In 2009 they got together over some pints at a Clutch show. Jeff shared that he had built a princess guitar for his daughter, which led him to start noodling again, and out poured the main hook for what was to become ‘Vigilante’ ( This spark led to a full on metal inferno (although some say it was just princess magic), and the backbone of three roots metal songs were born. Kevin, now a mental health professional, had been walking with clients through some of the darkest truths that people endure, and he was in need of a means of expression to exorcise that energy. It dawned on him that there is no better place to inspire metal worthy lyrics than in therapy sessions. File sharing led to jam sessions, and Anthony (drums), and Jay Thomas (bass), completed this 4 piece metal machine. Pseudocidal was born! The rhythm section became a driving force as Anthony brought a heavy classic rock vibe, while Jay Thomas (being the youngest member of the band) introduced a more refined indi angle to the band’s sound.

The band tripped to Orlando for Cinco De Mayo 2012 to record a two song demo and take in some stellar Japanese food. After further honing their craft, and a lucky run in with Scott Angelecos (ex-Bloodlet/Hollow Leg/Junior Bruce), Pseudocidal got the hook up with Jeff McAlear at High Five Audio in DeLand FL. During the summer of 2013, the recording of the band’s first release – Roots Run Deep, was made possible by Jeff McAlear’s uncompromising metal wizardry! The record was unleashed independently on October 1st 2013.

Roots Run Deep has been blowing up on Internet and college radio! Feedback on the record include comparisons to early Metallica, Black Sabbath, and a vibe that can only be described as true roots metal. The EP is loaded with those thick, in the pocket grooves that sink in deep and hook you with their integrity. This record was born from a resurrected heavy metal dream, and it delivers the goods! (we have a December Blue Light Special – physical CD’s for only $3.00 on our site)



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