Shotgun Revolution – Guitarist and bandleader Martin Frank

 Shotgun Revolution: Guitarist and bandleader Martin Frank

Interviewed by Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Jacob Hansen at Target Records for setting up the interview.
Thanks to Target Records for the promo pictures of the band.
Band promo pictures taken by: Kasper Løjtved
Live promo pictures taken by: Peter L. Nielsen


Shotgun Revolution are a hard rock act that sprung from Denmark. They recently released a compilation of their best songs so far. The songs are taken from the two albums they already have released in Denmark and this current compilation is the first one that’s been released internationally. The guitarist and bandleader Martin Frank and I hooked up a while ago in order to dissect the album, the bands history and what they’re up to in the future. A given question was how they managed to get so popular in Denmark and how they’re going to maintain their status as No1 hard rock act in the future.

Hi Martin how are you today. Ready to kick off the interview?

Absolutely, let’s get going 🙂

Let’s take it from the beginning, could you tell us when and where the band was formed and who is the founder?

Yeah sure. I founded the band some 8-9 years ago while i was working in my studio. One day i wrote a song called “Super Blond Babe” and i knew i had something that i really loved.

Was it hard to find members for the band?

Yeah actually it was. SR went through numerous of musicians during the years up until 2009. The first lead singer had to quit because he had a heroin addiction, a couple of guys got fired simply because they weren’t good enough. A long road, but well worth it !!!

Were any of the members a part of any other bands before they joined Shotgun Revolution?

Yeah we all have. And to this day some still play in other bands (that don’t demand as much time as SR does)

Do the members have any musical idols in common?

You bet. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica etc…the list goes on

Where does the band name Shotgun Revolution come from?

I came up with that. It’s basically a simple metaphor for a guitar revolution. Let’s bring the riff and guitar solo back! 😉


The band released its first album back in 2010 called JOIN THE REVOLUTION what did fans and critics think of the album?

Good reviews and pretty looking sales so i would say that they liked it 😉

The album was produced by the legendary Flemming Rasumussen, how was it to work with him?

No it wasn’t actually. All our music is produced by me BUT Flemming is our tracking guy and a close friend of SR. Flemming has recorded all drums and bass for both our albums, and mixed both with me. Flemming and i go +15 years back so we know each other 🙂

Was JOIN THE REVOLUTION only released in Denmark or…?

Yeah it was. Our second album “The Legacy Of Childhood Dreams” was also released in Japan and our “third” album, which is a kind of greatest hits is released in all of Europe.

Did you do a lot of touring to support the album when it was released?

Yeah we live to play so we’ve played as much as humanly possible (about 120 gigs in Denmark since 2009)

Have you toured anywhere outside Denmark?

Yeah we’ve played Stockholm, Berlin, London, Los Angeles and we just came home from Afghanistan we’re we played for the international troops in Camp Bastion (mainly Danish, British and American soldiers)…Amazing experience !

During 2012 the second album THE LEGACY OF CHILDHOOD DREAMS came out. Has the band developed anything music-wise if you compare that album to the debut? If so in what way?

I think that it was important for us to make an album that came close to what we sound like live. There’s no doubt that live is where we shine. I think we captured that pretty well.


I read something in your bio regarding shows in London and Los Angeles, was that one time shows or did you tour?

Both London and Los Angeles we’re one-off’s. But we’re working on repeating them asap.

What I can see you have only played in Denmark way have you not play anything in Scandinavia like Sweden or Finland?

We did play a single gig in Stockholm but it’s all a matter of interest. If you want something to happen then you need local agent’s and a local label for something to grow. We just haven’t gotten the right offers yet.

Is it correct that besides the albums you have also released an EP? What can you tell us about that EP?

Yeah we did an unplugged EP last year to support a tour in Denmark. Just went in the studio and play a bunch of songs live. Ended up amazing, it’s very good hangover music!!!

The band has recorded quite a few videos; have they been shown on Danish television?

I wish! Danish television doesn’t show music videos. At all! So nope, it’s a youtube thing.

Is it possible to purchase your albums on the internet?

Yes is it both at our own website or (our label’s own webshop) – Worldwide shipping of course!

Rasmussen have said this about the band “This band is the best rock band to come out of Denmark…ever..” how does it feel to be reading that?

I feel extremely proud! we’re talking about THE guy who helped Metallica become, well, Metallica (and Blind Guardian, Morbid Angel, Ritchie Blackmore the list goes on).


SHOTGUN REVOLUTION was released in May 2013 and from what I understand is it a best of album.

Yes that’s correct.

How come you chose to release a best of album from two albums?

Well we didn’t, our label did. BUT in all fairness it made sense since the reason we’re putting it out there is kind of like a business card. We need more to “find” SR and what better way than to release an album with the best songs we’ve done that is why i’m sitting here and talking to you…so it worked…i guess 😉

Was it hard to pick which songs that was going to be featured?

Nope not at all. We didn’t pick a single one. The label did all that.

Where in the world is the album released at the moment? Worldwide?

It’s released in all of Europe, that’s it, for now.

Has Rasmussen been involved in the work with the album?

Well yeah he has, he recorded drums and bass for both albums, and mixed both with me. And since this is a greatest hits from those two albums, his fingerprint is all over the album. 😉

Who has done the cover artwork?

Our bass player Tex with some help from some of his close friends.


How would you like to describe the kind of music that Shotgun Revolution plays?

I would describe it as rock n’ roll. Some say hard-rock, but I say rock n’ roll. We love the broad playing field. We can play a beautiful ballad and just after that play some “almost metal” song. I love that.

Bands like AC/DC and Guns N Roses is mentioned in the bio, have those bands influenced you in any way?

Both AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses is our dna, so yeah!

Did you throw a release party for the new album? If so when and where took it place?

Nope, not for the international album.

What are the lyrics about? Who writes the material in the band?

The lyrics are written by lead singer Dee, so that’s his doing, and credit!

The album has been released in the USA how has it worked over there?

Nope, it’s not released in the US.

Which song is your favorite one on the disc?

I don’t really listen to our own albums, or at least for a year or two before i can listen to them as music again, and not parts, bits and pieces etc…

Does the band care about what media and critics think about your work?

Yeah of course. It’s not the most important critic in the world (that would be ourselves) but it’s always great to get good reviews. A great fan review is the same, I love it !

Are there any differences in how the band is treated by native and foreign press?

Hmm…I guess the most negative is the Danish press. But all they do is leave us alone so that’s not so bad 🙂

What did the fans think of the best of album?

I’ve only heard good stuff.

Label and management

Was it hard for the band to land a deal with a record label?

Nah not really, Target Records was out to get us for a year before we actually sat down and closed the deal.

Were there many labels that was interested in signing the band?

No, not many. We had a few knocking but we weren’t about to sell our souls (and internal organs) to some US owned label so that they would spend a few thousand trying to sell us. Fuck that, so we went with Target and hit the clubs as hard as humanly possible. (and it worked)

The band inked a deal with Target Records. Are you happy with the work the label have put into the band and the albums so far?

Overall yes. Could they have done more? absolutely, could they have done less? absolutely.

For how many albums have you signed for at Target Records?

We have a license deal, I own all our masters so we just settle it album by album.

Target is releasing the album in Europe but what about the rest of the world? Who releases it in the rest of the world?

At the moment, no one.


Is it possible to download the album legally anywhere?

In Europe is everywhere. If you’re outside the EU then our website

Are you currently working with any management?

Yeah our manager Karsten has been with us since day one.

Past present and future

Shotgun Revolution opened for Slash when he performed in Copenhagen at the beginning of this year, how was that?

One word: Amazing!

You also performed at the opening of the brand new rock club High Voltage in Copenhagen, how was it?

The owner of the club, Martin D’Amour, is a good friend and the night was a blast. Packed with a rock n’ roll loving crowd. Doesn’t get any better than that!


Have you done any festival shows during the past summer?

Yes we played the second largest festival, Skanderborg Festival, for the 3rd time. As always, that’s great fun!

What does the band prefer, play live or record albums?

We prefer playing live. No doubt about it.

It feels like the band shortly have brought Denmark to their feet, how does that feel?

I don’t know about that, but whatever success we got, we earned it the hard way.

What has been the secret to your success?

Working our ass off!


The bands website isn’t so informative, is that something you’re going to do something about? Who runs the website?

At the moment the website is mainly a webstore for all the overseas fans.

Can the fans interact with the band on twitter or facebook?

Sure thing, write us and we’ll get back to you

In September the band released the single “S.O.B”, is that a new song?

Brand new. It was released to support our DK tour in September & October.


You also shot a video to the song, could you tell us a bit about the video?

Sure. We shot the video at High Voltage, the club you asked about earlier. A great night caught by instructor Michael Panduro and his team. I think it came out great.

In October the band went on tour throughout Denmark, how did that go? Was it fun to meet the fans?

Our 5th tour of Denmark and yes, that’s why we do all the hard work. Nothing beats playing live.

Are there any plans on heading out on tour now in Scandinavia, or Europe, now that the album is out?

We’re trying to, but nothing is signed so I won’t promise anything.


If you would describe a show with Shotgun Revolution in three words what would you say?

Hard rock party.

Are you working on any new material at the moment?

We’re always working on new material.

What are the plans for 2014 for the band?

Maybe a couple of new singles and touring, of course.

What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t discovered the band yet?

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? haha naah I would say “if you like Guns N’ Roses, Foo Fighters and AC/DC go grab one of our albums.”


Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy S/T?

No, I can’t. But if they like honest to god rock n’ roll, that sounds like a rock band should sound (thanks Flemming) why the hell not? 😉

Well, that was all I had for now. I wish you and the band all the best in the future. Do you have any words of wisdom to share with the readers and fans?

If you made it this far, then you are either really bored and pretty interested in Shotgun Revolution, and for that I thank you! If you top that by buying one of our albums and joining the rest of us at well, then I can’t ask any more of you. THANKS!

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