The guitar duel became internet sensation in less than 48 hours

The historic guitar duel and recording of P. Sarasate’s violin masterpiece, Zigeunerweisen Op. 20, has become an instant internet sensation! It was released on The Commander-In-Chief’s YouTube Channel,, less than 72 hours ago.
World leading guitar magazine, Guitar World, posted it on their website, FB and Twitter less than 48 hours ago. The feature on their website has more than 20 000 Shares already! The two guitar virtuosos, The Commander-In-Chief (also known as the Queen of Shred) and classical guitarist, Thomas Valeur, are totally overwhelmed by the positive feedback and amount of support this release has gotten.
This is the first professional guitar duel between a metal guitarist and a classical guitarist. This is the first time this piece of music has been recorded on guitar. The response has been 99% positive, with metal fans being very supportive of it.
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They are also featured on the online front page of Guitar Aficionado Magazine
The video has also been featured by Ibanez guitars, Laney amps and EMG pickups on their FB and  Twitter pages.
The limited edition signed CD single has almost sold out and the download/single is available on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.



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