Symphonic Metal Firebrands Winter Storm Release New Video And New Album

Brit Outfit Unleash New Video ‘Wasted Feelings’ In Tandem With Latest Record Within The Frozen Design.

British symphonic metal upstarts Winter Storm have been busy. Alongside their stunning second record, “Within The Frozen Design”, the band have also put together a brilliant video for their rapturously received new single ‘Wasted Feelings’.

Vocalist & Guitarist Hannah Fieldhouse had this to say about the record & the band’s new video “The album is based on the concept of universal design and a being who is designing his own world, which he thinks he has complete control over. However, as the story of the album unravels he realises it was mere coincidence and he has no control and spirals into madness…


The song Wasted Feelings is a heavy and fierce song to kick off the album, and we chose this song for that reason. The song is about having feelings on a situation that appear to mean nothing to anyone else, but also relates to this being designing his own world and being able to see into others ‘thoughts’. We shot the video at the Academy of Music and Sound in Birmingham, and our Drummer Will Stokes was responsible for a lot of the filming and editing all the footage.”


Following on from their stunning debut “Serenity In Darkness”, WS have forged songs of beauty and elegance with a raw, unbridled power that results in a captivating listen. Formed in 2008, the band began getting a firm grip on their sound following some stellar support slots alongside the lines of Alestorm, Sirenia, Theatres Des Vampires, To Mera and Sarah Jezebel Deva to name but a few. Packing out venues left and right, the band became a name and a force to be respected amongst their fellow Female fronted metal peers.


Away from the live arena, the band’s work has been recognised elsewhere; having been included alongside the lines of Leaves Eyes, Epica and Stream Of Passion on the Des Filles Et Des Riffes CD and scoring an endorsement with the ever stylish Spiral Clothing.



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