The Rolling Stones – Sweet Summer Sun; Hyde Park Live (DVD)

The Rolling Stones:  Sweet Summer Sun; Hyde Park Live (DVD)

20013, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 4.5

Stones fan here and Eagle Rock release some great products so it’s a win-win. Filmed earlier this year when The Stones returned to Hyde Park for the first time since ’69. It was fitting to end the tour there.

The stage is massive with giant screens and trees. There is a ramp that leads out into the sea of people that come from every age group proving that the band’s music is ageless. For this show they play the Hits with the exception of “You Got The Silver” which is one of two tracks where Keef takes over the mic and “Doom and Gloom” from the latest Greatest Hits package. The rest is a pretty much a straight ahead Stones show.

In much the same fashion as the original Hyde Park show, this one begins in Daylight and ends in the Dark. From the moment they hit the stage and you see the sun slightly above the distant trees you have a feeling this will be a show of historical proportions. By the time we are halfway through and Keef is at the mic the sun is almost set and the stage lights come on and you get the full effect of a Stones show. One of the highlights was when they brought Mick Taylor out for “Midnight Rambler”, the original Hyde Park show was Taylor’s first appearance with the band so having him back on stage was a treat for us fans.

Not as visually stunning as you’d probably expect this day in age but still a mighty fine release. The only issue with SWEET SUMMER FUN is that we are not given the Full Complete Show from start to finish. Other than that this is nearly flawless. Highly recommended.