Springsteen & I (Blu-Ray)

Springsteen & I
20013, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 3

Never a big Springsteen fan but I do appreciate his talent. I did purchase his Live Blu-Ray that came out a couple years back and enjoyed it very much. When this title arrived I thought it was another Live release judging by the cover shot. Boy was I wrong.

This release is a documentary on Springsteen fans and what Bruce means to them and how his music affected their lives. There are live segments throughout, one in particular that stood out was when an Elvis impersonator got up and jammed with him for a song. It is incidents like this that make up the film. The interactions that fans have with him, the stories, the memories and such are what makes this personal. Mr. Wolf and Ridley Scott directed a fine film for his fans and I am sure many will relate but to a casual fan such as myself that own only a few album’s this film has no multiple viewing capabilities.  It is a watch once and file it on the shelf.

A fine film for Springsteen fans and that is it. For a casual fan or someone looking to explore Bruce’s music it may be best to avoid this release for the time being.