Rotting Christ – Klubi Tampere Finland, November 21, 2013


Rotting Christ + Supports

Klubi Tampere Finland
The 21st of November 2013

The mighty Greek band, Rotting Christ, have constantly visited Finland since their debut visit in 1997. Back then, they sharing the stage with Samael and Moonspell. Since ’97 Rotting Christ have done a couple of club gigs and one outdoor festival date. The on-going tour in Finland consisted of four dates, crisscrossing South Finland. Therefore witness Rotting Christ in action in Tampere was an obvious choice. Even though gigs arranged for a weekday is always a risky choice for the booking agent, fortunately app. 150 maniacs crawled to witness the Greek cult metallers. Before Rotting Christ unleashed the Satanas Tedeium, a couple of domestic bands kicked the night off.

Morbid Vomit had got rather an unpleasant task being the opening band. Despite the vomiting name, the four piece offered extreme high quality death metal with a true old school grip. Songs after the song sounded brutal and vicious with hooks and neck-breaking riffs. Pity that only handful of people had arrived at the club to see Morbid Vomit.


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Another opener was Rebelhead being a more straightforward rocking combo. Frankly, Rebelhead’s choice to open for Rotting Christ was kind of odd. The band’s style and music is far way from the brutal and grotesque black/dark/death metal approach. Instead, Rebelhead would be more of an idealistic opener for Red Fang. Despite this, Rebelhead offered an explosive performance. The frontman especially appeared to be reckless  having 230 volts going up his ass.  Killer live band, but wrong place.

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Finally is was time for the Greek cult metallers Rotting Christ. An eerie opening intro welcomed the four piece on the stage. The whole band was in extreme vital and strike from the beginning to the end. The set consisted of the newer material from the latest Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού up to even from the first full length album THY MIGHTY CONTRACT. Even though Rotting Christ’s newer material never seems to appeal to the old school worshippers, frankly the most recent RC albums present and stand for more roots of all evilness and Satanism with more of an occult grip than ever before. Rotting Christ have succeeded in creating the recognizable sounds of their own having. The sounds of Sakis Tolis’s grim voice carry well to the sounds in the live environment. The whole band appeared to be in extremely great shape. Heads were in  turbulence, spinning throughout the whole gig. Of course, the sounds were as sharp as razor blades. It was kind of a disappointment that Rotting Christ only played a one hour show as more songs and a longer playing time would be more than awesome and welcomed.

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