Overkill and Kreator, The Legends of Thrash Tour, The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, October 31, 2013

Overkill / Kreator

The Legends of Thrash Tour

The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
October 31, 2013

Review by InfamousButcher, Photos by SheWolf


In the mood for some killer thrash metal? Look no further than the LEGENDS OF THRASH TOUR, a blend of American ass kicking from the incomparable Overkill and German technical shredding from thrash stalwarts Kreator! To make this even better, the show in Philly falls on All Hallows Eve, the coolest night of the year! This is fucking great! Tonight is the 3rd time I was catching New Jersey’s Overkill, but I had never seen Kreator before. Time for some old school thrash people!


Tonight’s show is at my favorite venue, the Trocadero (Troc for short) on 10th and Arch streets in Chinatown. The Troc is fucking classic! The 100+ year old former burlesque house has a big stage, great sound system, roomy pit area, and a balcony if you’d rather be above the fray. I’ve seen many shows here over the last 20 years and actually the place is in better shape now than it was in the early 90s. At some point since then somebody took a fucking paintbrush to the place! Tonight’s Halloween show is close to sold out (capacity is 850 people) and some folks have come in costume, the best of which was Elmo from Sesame Street (more on that later)!



Kreator came on at 8:00 like a fucking house of fire and scorched us with the title track from PHANTOM ANTICHRIST! It’s been a long time since Kreator played Philadelphia and both the band and the fans seemed fucking pumped! I was immediately impressed with Kreator’s energy, musicianship and tightness. Frontman Millie Petrozza is a very physical presence on stage and his voice was loud and strong throughout the set. He constantly riled up the Philadelphia crowd, encouraging us to scream louder! Why are German people so good at yelling and screaming? The set was very varied with blistering speed, melodic interludes, and even acoustic parts. WOW! This was my first exposure to European thrash, and the technicality and intricacies in the music are definitely more complex than American thrash. My favorite cuts of the night included “Pleasure to Kill” (classic!), “Enemy of God”, “United in Hate” and “Coma of Souls” (I dig the old shit!). Mille waved a huge flag to kick off “Flag of Hate” and then the searing closer “Tormentor”. I am definitely going to dig into Kreator’s back catalog; I’ve found a new thrash band!


1. Phantom Antichrist

2. From Flood into Fire

3. Warcurse

4. Coma of Souls / Endless Pain

5. Pleasure to Kill

6. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)

7. Death to the World

8. Riot of Violence

9. Enemy of God

10. Phobia

11. Violent Revolution

12. United in Hate

13. Civilization Collapse

14. Flag of Hate

15. Tormentor










After a long intermission for stage breakdown (more bands could have been on this bill people, no reason for a 45 min gap between co-headlinders!) Overkill blasted us with a LOUD one / two punch of “Deny the Cross” and “Bring Me the Night”! Immediately the band came across much more powerful than Kreator. The sound was damn near deafening and then one of the monitors blew! This caused a few sound problems which were fixed by the third song, “Electric Rattlesnake”. Overkill is always all over the stage. Bobby Blitz ran amok while belting out the vocals; he is an awesome frontman and is immensely cool! Guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer fired off blistering riffs and solos while D.D. Verni and Ron Lipnicki deftly handled the thundering low end. Sometimes Bobby disappeared briefly on the right side of the stage, only to come flying out, leaping and clutching the mic stand as he started screaming again! The Philly crowd went berserk with intense moshing and I even saw Elmo in the pit wreaking havoc! I thought I’d seen everything after seeing Jesus in the pit at MDF, I was wrong!


The set was quite a bit different than the one Overkill played last Feb with Testament. Highlights included “Hammerhead”, “Rotten to the Core”, “Hello From the Gutter” (Bobby acknowledged Elmo at the end of the song, saying “WE’VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU – ELMO!”), “Ironbound” (one of their heaviest, fuck yeah!), and “Fuck You” which Bobby introduced as, “we should have called this one Philadelphia!” Crowd response was wild throughout, and of course everyone chimed in for “Fuck You”. Since Overkill is from Jersey, Bobby always likes to bait the crowd a bit with the Philadelphia Flyers / Jersey Devil’s rivalry and it is all in good fun.


Another great thrash tour, we metalheads have really been spoiled the last few years and I hope this shit just keeps on coming! Kreator was great, Overkill was even better. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Overkill is one of the very best live thrash bands there is, the uninitiated need to check them out when they come to town!


1. Deny the Cross

2. Bring Me the Night

3. Electric Rattlesnake

4. Hammerhead

5. Rotten to the Core

6. Hello From the Gutter

7. Necroshine

8. Ironbound

9. Thanx for Nothin’

10. Elimination

11. Overkill

12. The Green and Black

13. Fuck You