Interview with Paul Speckmann of Master (by Ilias)


by Ilias

Master is one of the most influential underground death metal bands ever, reveling in the inspiration of death metal’s earliest creators, have managed to transcend the banality of “old-school” with a musical spirit that carries the mystic weight of the occult. Also, they are one of the bands that captured both the abundant spirit of death and its metallic counterpoint. got the chance to contact Master’s deathleader Paul Speckmann.

 m1 Hello Paul, how are you?

Paul: All is fine, just writing a new record once again. Busy with some shows ahead and many tours up and coming in the spring. ‘Master’ is still rocking. Give us a line on the band’s days & works from its day one up to today.

Paul: ‘Master’ has released ten albums since 1989, although the band began actual recordings for Combat in 1985. This question would take days to answer, my friend. If someone is really interested in the history of the band, they can go to the website at Which are the main influences on the ‘Master’ sound?

Paul: The band was originally influenced by the sounds of ‘GBH’, ‘Motorhead’, ‘Discharge’ and ‘The Exploited’ but those days are long gone. The world around us has and always will be the biggest influence on the sound as well as the songwriting of the band Master.

m23 What does ‘Master’ mean?

Paul: Master your own destiny and be your own Master. This clearly describes the concept behind the band. What’s your opinion on other kinds of music?

Paul: I like many styles of music including Rock, Metal and even some country like Willy Nelson and Johnny Cash. Well, could you tell me what your opinion on the Greek metal scene is?

Paul: The only band I really know in the scene there is Suicidal Angels and they are a great Thrash Metal band for sure. I had the pleasure of working for these gents a few years ago, and they were really cool motherfuckers for sure. And now I would like to discuss about some deplorable events. We are in the end of 2010 and three big metal personas have passed away… Ronnie James Dio, Peter Steele and Paul Grey (SLIPKNOT). Is the year of 2010 the most depressing year of heavy metal?

Paul: Ronnie James Dio for sure will be surely missed. I am really a big fan of Rainbow and Sabbath and his vocals were always top notch. Certainly Peter put out some great music with Carnivore and few cool songs with Type O Negative. As for the third man I know nothing about him. I never heard a song from Slipknot in my life. I am not a listener of trendy music. I am into Metal my friend. What do you think of today’s music industry in general?

Paul: It sucks! Is technology part of your life or are you still a “romantic”?

Paul: The greatest so-called technological advances are for killing and mutilating others. As for the great advances today, how come the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was such a problem? Right, I have beholden that heavy metal changes through the decades. Heavy and Thrash metal reigned over in 80’s, Death, black and power metal in 90’s and metalcore and nu metal in the 00’s in general. 2010 was the beginning sign of the new decade. What do you see for the future?

Paul: More copy-cats of the original bands as always. Originality is a thing of the past. The airwaves are filled with cheap imitators across the globe. What’s your opinion on downloading?

Paul: This is and always will be a problem for underground bands such as Master. We try to survive from the music but with this illegal shit, it can be difficult. Back in the eighties and nineties people supported Metal, today it is easily downloaded for free and this should be stopped. If you could pick only one musician to work with, who would that be and why?

Paul: Ian Gillan back in the seventies because his vocals are legendary on every CD I ever heard him sing on. Thank you for this interview. I wish to ‘Master’ all the best.

Paul: Thanks for the interesting questions my friend as well.