Interview with Norselaw

Interview with Norselaw   


. photo by Tammy McKinley

This may be a simplistic question, buts since it is our first interview, how did you choose the band name?

First of all thanks for all you do for metal Joshua. You’re a real player in This Game of Thrones and I think you’ve helped me along from a bastard’s bastard status to fucking Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Well maybe not quite there yet but you know what I mean. Real recognize real. Anyway, everyone started doing the played out Viking thing in metal when any asshole began to know American popular metal sucks ass and thus started pretending they were Vikings and wacking off to YouTube vids of scenery in Norway. So I said fuck it. You want a song or two about Odin and see me shake my ass in furry boots well you got it. But…… Just to shake things up there’s going to be rapping about Euronymous and Varg with dope beats, black metal vocals, shred guitar, and academic lessons on Norse Mythology. My welcome to show business!

Tell us a bit about the formation of the band.

After I distinguished my self as a man who was no longer privy to the privileges of childhood and ended Norselaw (mark one) I decided to create a band that had all the seriousness of a nuclear war. I kept the name Norselaw though because our cd was released on DMG/Warner Bros and created quite a buzz. The label was on faulty ground and closed just as the cd was released but nevertheless it brought great infamy which I didn’t want to squander by changing the name. The present version of the band was formed by me showing my demos to studio musicians who realized my formidable talents and decided to cash in haha! No they are really great guys. Jaime and Theon are very accomplished studio musicians who also look forward to taking this show on the road and changing the face of metal forever.

Your first album ‘Rape You Like A Gentleman’, had a bit of a controversial title and a unique picture on the cover. Can you tell us about this concept and did you get any criticism for the title?

If guess “gentleman” from all over didn’t like the connantation. So I had to tell those people ” lighten up Prince William. I’m using a device called ‘irony’. I’m expressing the duality of man. The essence of complex thought as created by a higher species of man”. Of course when you introduce a higher level concept it’s lost on peasants and knaves everywhere! Haha!

Are you guys at the point of doing tours, local, regional or otherwise?

The local scene blows ass. Bunch of losers doing ” Crazy Town” covers! Ha! A bunch of bands doing pathetic modern rock. Modern rockers beware. You are a bunch of fucking assholes and I hope to destroy you all.

You listen to me all you shitty local bands. You are lucky I haven’t played any shows in awhile and your women are safe for the moment. I won’t waste my time with these idiots till a marketing propaganda machine is firmly in place. Metal Blade have your people get a hold of my people and let’s do this thing right.

You have a very unique sound and I have read nothing but positive reviews. Have you had any interest from labels?

I’ve had a few scratch the surface but I get cold feet. I’m afraid they don’t have any money and won’t do anything but try and take my money. Also, a lot of time with fame comes compromise and that’s something I refuse to be a part of. Like Metallica who one day is writing the heaviest shit around but then now I read is praising Justin Beiber! Man fuck Justin Beiber man! That’s music for little girls and fascists!! Norselaw won’t sell the fans down the river like that. Ill forever remain a proud icon of metal. I mean I don’t even know what the kids listen to anymore. Creed? Who cares anyway they’re all a bunch of fucking idiots.

In this modern day and age, any record labels still even relevant or after three releases, are you content to do it your own way?

I think the labels still act as a huge filter. We’d like to find the right fit and start the revolution in this current boring played out metal scene.

On a related note, in the age of digital media, is it even worth it to try to produce physical product?

I still like to have the cd of all the bands I like and I think the old school stereos sound better than mp3s. I’m an audiophile music snob type guy, but I also like having the artwork and something physical to accompany me on my sonic journey.

What types of things are guys influenced by? Judging from lyrics, titles and cover art I sense a strong Robert E. Howard type vibe happening.

Good call on that. Along with Howard there’s George RR Martin, Lovecraft, and Tolkien. However, just when you think you have me figured out that I’m on fantasy island dressed as an 8th level unlawful chaotic magic user of a hybrid Elven/Ice Halfling descent then I rip off a song like “Servants of the State” off the new release in which I attempt to single-handedly crush the police state and tell the cops to eat a dick.

Have you ever considered doing a full-on concept album with a complete storyline?

I’ve pondered the notion once or twice. I think something where I’m the main character yet my abilities are heightened might be the ticket. Something I could act out in videos for the songs. I look pretty good with a sword but I’m also partial to sorcery. So perhaps something of an epic quest featuring a character based on me who’s essentially Conan but with magical powers.

When you compose, do you guys just jam out ideas in the rehearsal space or does one person bring completed the songs to the table?

I write all the songs and bring them to the rest of the band. They add their unique take on things and the results have been tremendous.

I’ve noticed a resurgence of classic, early 80’s metal sound from bands like Atlantean Kodek, Argus and guys like that. Do you feel you kinda fall into that scene of ‘what is old is new again’ and if yes, what early bands do you draw inspiration from?

I’ve not heard of these bands you speak of, but I’m sure they have merit if they’re mentioned within the same conversation as Norselaw. However, to be fair I had never even heard of Aerosmith till yesterday when my bassist showed me the video for the song “Deuces are Wild”. My God was it shitty!! Fuck Aerosmith. A bunch of douches! Here it is if you want to see the suckitude for yourself

As far as the 80’s well I ain’t your mama’s Brett Michaels or Mark Slaughter! I think the high point of musicianship and songwriting in metal were reached in the 80’s so I’ve simply taken everything great from that decade and combined it with my own style to create something that transcends mere decades and will thus be relevant for aeons!!

Lastly, you have put out three records now, what’s next for Norselaw?

More show business. I’m still refining what I’m doing. The next release will be a legendary metal opus capable of mass destruction. I’m warning you now poseurs.


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