Getaway Rock Festival 2013 at Gasklockorna Gavle,Sweden

Iced Earth

All of the members ran out on stage to the tones of the intro and the first songs out were “Dystopia” and “Dark Saga”. Parts of the people in the crowd sang along in the songs. Many photographers left the pit when they saw that Iced Earth stood way back on stage and it was hardly possible to take a picture of them. The line-up of Iced Earth is:


Jon Schaffer – guitar

Troy Steele – lead guitar

Stu Block – lead vocals

Luke Appleton – bass

Raphael Saini – drums

Block was in charge from the very beginning and had the audience in the palm of his hand right away. He thanked fans so much for the applause and announced “Pure Evil”. Schaffer stood on the left of the stage and on Blocks other side stood Steele and Appleton. The band had serious problems with the sound system and the sound was really scratchy and blurry. Block said it was fun to be on stage in Gavle and said that it was now time to play “Burning Times” which was followed by “I Died For You”. Compared to last time I saw them Block had now grown as a frontman and he took command of both the band as well as the crowd. Block was also the one who moved around the most on stage, the rest of the band stood mostly solid on their space. “V” followed and Block’s voice sounded perfect this night. He sounded like a mix between Tim Owens and Matt Barlow and it fit the music perfectly.


The band did a great job musicwise except for Saini who messed up several times and played a bit sloppy. He left more to wish for when it came to his department. “A Question Of Heaven” and “Anthem” continued and because there were no roof at the front of the stage Block soon was as wet as the fans below him. The band didn’t mind the bad weather and kept on bringing some great music to the masses. Block said that it’s always nice to perform in Sweden and said it was time for another song from the DYSTOPIA album called “Boiling Point”. The next song was written by Schaffer as a tribute to one of his friends who had died in an accident. Block wanted us to sing a long in “Watching Over Me”. The fans sang a long and it was a nice moment to share with the band. Block said it was time to finish off the gig but that he had a strong hunch that the band is going to come back to Sweden soon. Block asked if we knew how the show was going to end and it ended of course with the song “Iced Earth”.


“Iced Earth” ended the 55 minute long show and it was a solid show from Schaffer and CO. The only negative thing was the bad sound system that apparently many of the bands had been suffering from on the Green stage. It was also sad that Saini did a sub-par job behind the drums, the band is so much better musicians than he was at least for this performance.


Set list


Dark Saga

Pure Evil

Burning Times

I Died For You

A Question Of Heaven


Boiling Point

Watching Over Me

Iced Earth

Testament was about to enter the stage 45 minutes after Iced Earth and if you didn’t want to see Testament then Trivium was about to go on the Red stage. Dusk had set over the area and it was now quiet and dark and because of the dark rainy clouds it all became even darker. Our thoughts now went to the camping and to our tent and we wondered how the camping had coped with the heavy rain. It was probably pretty muddy over there now. We went over to the food stand and bought a ridiculously expensive kebab with sauce and vegetables. We headed then over to the press lounge to avoid the rain for a while until it was time for Testament. It was really sad that Testament and Trivium clashed because we had really wanted to see both bands but it was only for us to choose. And Testament won.

We saw Testament destroy the Copenhell festival at the beginning of the summer and we were eager to see if the bands success was going to repeat itself. The band a shorter playingtime this night than they had at Copenhell and at 9.30 was it time for the legendary thrash icons to be on stage.


“Rise Up” was the first song out for the night and it was followed by “More Than Meets The Eye” and the audience was on fire despite the rain. It felt like Testament was one of the bands that were longed for and Testament lured the biggest crowd yet. The line-up consists of:

Eric Peterson – guitar

Greg Christian – bass

Alex Skolnick – guitar

Chuck Billy – lead vocals

Gene Hoglan – drums

It was really hard to take pictures of Testament because of the rain and there were several photographers that had the same problem as us. Billy dedicated the song “Native Blood” to all his fellow sisters and brothers and opened his jacket so that we could see his t-shirt with a native American chief on it. The lights worked really poorly during this show and there were times when parts of the band stood in darkness. Billy thanked the crowd for the warm welcome the band got and asked if the crowd was ready for more. “True American Hate” continued the show and Billy said it was time for the title track from the new album called “Dark Roots Of The Earth”. The hardcore fans in front of the stage jumped around and headbanged throughout the show and didn’t mind the rain at all. Billy asked if the band had any old school fans there and said that he wanted to see what they were made of because now was it time to head back in history to play something from the bands second album with the song “The Preacher”.


Billy walked around on stage with his cut off mic stand looking really happy. The band delivered a rock solid show with nerve and edge. We had nothing to complain about and this was simply an amazing way of showing that the band is one of the best in their genre. Billy said it was time for the fans to go “Into The Pit” and the fans went again crazy when they heard what song that was coming up. “The New Order” and “D.N.R (Do Not Resuscitate) followed and it was only to surrender for the kings of thrash metal.


It is worth mentioning the amazing drumming by the genius Gene Hoglan! He did an amazing job and he absolutely one of the best drummer in the world. There’s a reason why he’s called the atomic clock, that’s for sure. Billy said that their time was soon coming to an end but before that was it time to introduce the band. So he gave the members and himself a proper introduction and said that it was time to leave the amazing fans with “3 Days In Darkness”. As soon as the band had thanked the fans they took of their instruments and headed off the stage. We couldn’t believe that one hour could go by so fast and we as well as the fans had really wanted to hear more from Testament. This was a killer show and the set list was strictly amazing. Testament is a force you can’t stop!


Testament could easily have been the headline act for sure. It was sad that the lighting was so poor and the smoke machine had gone mad but besides that, there was not a single negative thing happening on stage this evening.


Set list

The Star Spangled Banner (intro)

Rise Up

More Than Meets The Eye

Native Blood

True American Hate

Dark Roots Of The Earth

The Preacher

Into The Pit

D.N.R (Do Not Resuscitate)

3 Days In Darkness

In about one hour it was time for the headline act, In Flames, to enter the stage but a big question mark was our camera and if it was going to be alive by the time In Flames was about to play. The photobag was now soaking wet and that made us a bit worried. It was fun to be seeing In Flames again for the second time around this summer. We saw both Testament and In Flames at the Copenhell festival in June. People started to arrive to the gig about 20 minutes before the kick off. Suddenly was it really hard to walk around on the area because almost everyone had positioned in front of the stage. At 11.30 the stage filled up with smoke and the intro began to play. The photographers with A pass welled in while the ones with B passes came in if there were any places left. Fans stood in front of the entrance to the photo pit and the head of the photographers got more and more stressed out and didn’t want to let in photographers that had B passes. Anders thought that this could have been handled much smoother.

In Flames

The members seemed really happy and entered the stage with a huge smile. “Sound Of A Playground Fading” began the show and the fans went crazy from the start. “Where Dead Ships Dwell” continued the show and the fans didn’t mind the rain and the wind, their focus was set on the band on stage and nothing else. When the members went out on the edge of the stage happened the same thing that had happened to Testament, they got soaking wet from the rain. Fridén thanked the fans for the warm welcome and while he spoke was the photographers shoved out from the pit and we were only allowed to take photos during two songs and not during three like it normally is. In Flames are:

Anders Fridén – lead vocals

Björn Gelotte – guitar

Niclas Engeling – guitar

Peter Iwers – bass

Daniel Svensson – drums

“Alias” and “Trigger” followed and then said Fridén that it was time to let the security work for a while. He wanted the audience to crowd surf and jump up and down while “Embody The Invisible” was played and the fans did what they was told to. A few of the fireworks the band fired off didn’t work but the once that worked looked amazing and the light show the band had was really cool. “Cloud Connected” followed and the fans followed every move the band made on stage and the band seemed to be having as much fun on stage as the fans had on the ground. The band is ridicously solid on stage and they are one of the best live acts in their genre in the world. Fridén said it was time to go back in time and to play an oldie in “The Hive” taken from the album WHORACLE. Fridén said that the band had played on the small Black stage some years ago and that they played the next song on that tour too.


It was “Only For the Weak” and back then the organizers had told us to take it easy because all the jumping around from the fans had caused movement in the concrete that held up the stage. Fridén let the fans sing the chorus and looked really happy with the respond from the fans. This was the last show the band did in Sweden on the album SOUNDS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING. Fridén said that the next time the band is out touring on a new album. “Ropes” and “Fear Is The Weakness” followed and while the band played came fire and flames up from the edge of the stage. The entire area exploded with happy fans when “The Quiet Place” was played and the trouble the stage suffered earlier with sound problems was now solved and the band had an excellent sound working in favor for them.


“The Mirror’s Truth” and “System” followed and all of the members worked really hard connecting with the fans. The band disappeared from the stage but came back to the intro of “Deliver Us”. Pyros and smoke went off and “Take This Life” was kicked off. Fridén said that the band was going to cherish this night for a long time and he thanked Gavle for being so great to the band. “My Sweet Shadow” and more behind the stage. The audience screamed for more but the show was over and 90 minutes had passed.


This was an amazing show with a remarkable set list. In Flames once again proved that they are one of the best bands in their genre. Even though the band had an amazing light show they didn’t have the best lights on stage. And the only negative thing with the show was the light. Otherwise it was a blast seeing the kings of Gothenburg doing their thing on stage. It felt like the guys had a good time on stage and that rubbed off on the fans. This was an amazing show done by legends.


Set list


Sounds Of A Playground Fading

Where The Dead Ship Dwells



Embody The Invisible

Cloud Connected

The Hive

Only For The Weak


Fear Is The Weakness

The Quiet Place

All For me

The Mirror’s Truth


Deliver Us

Take This Life

My Sweet Shadow

It still rained and the clock had turned 1. It was time for us to head back to the camping to get some sleep and to inspect our tent and if it had make it through the rain. When we came to the camping it turned out that the entire area was a pool of mud and we had never walked so slow and careful on the campground before because we were not keen of the thought of falling into a puddle of mud. Luckily our  tent was OK and we could sleep in peace all night through listening to the rain on the top of the tent. That ended the first day for us at Getaway Rock Festival.



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