Getaway Rock Festival 2013 at Gasklockorna Gavle,Sweden



We arrived to Gavle during the early evening and since we already knew were we should be going it was no problem to find the camping. However,  we couldn’t see any signs that showed the way to the festival and the camping. There were a few visitors that asked us how to get to the festival. When we got to the entrance, we asked where we should check in to get our passes, and to our surprise the security didn’t know where we should go and they had to ask over the com-radio. Finally, we got our passes and got fully searched when we were about to enter the camping area. The staff searched us even through our bags in order for glass bottles and similar stuff that wasn’t allowed.

It felt as if it were a bit too much, come on, we were on a festival camping lot, not at an airport! Many people had already come to the festival and had put up their tents so it was a little hard to find decent spot for us. The camping site was smaller this year but finally we found a pretty good place to sleep on. It was possible to purchase food, cigarettes, and to charge your cellphone at the camping area, but we decided to go to the supermarket to get some food. When we got back to the camping it was the same as before, a full search through our bags and clothes. The guy that stood in front of us couldn’t even keep his deodorant spray, the security took it away from him. There were a lot more security and volunteers on the camping site this year which was good. It was also good that the festival didn’t let the Festival bus take care of the camping this year.  There were a few bands that clashed when it came to play time and we saw right away that when Iced Earth went off Trivium began to play on the other stage all the way across the area. And Testament began to play when Trivium was on stage. That wasn’t cool – what if you wanted to see both bands? While most of the people on the camping site continued to party, we decided to go to bed because it was going to be a long day the next day.


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