Silverchair – Frogstomp (LP)

Frogstomp (LP) frogstomp1
2013, Shop Radio Cast
Rating: 4.5

Rarely do I get the opportunity to review an LP. This may be the first one so I was quite surprised when it arrived in the post quite unexpectedly. I immediately popped it open and looked at the wonderful Orange vinyl and cool etching on the 4th side. Listening to this was going to be quite enjoyable.

This album is a reissue of the Australian teenager’s debut album from 1995. It is also Shop Radio Casts first release as a record label if I am correct? The albums are nice and flat and the heavy orange vinyl is visually appealing. Having not heard this album in well over a decade it was a real treat to hear it again. I dropped the needle and sat back to listen. The record is quiet and very well pressed which is very important. It sounds fantastic and better than the CD if memory serves correct. I cannot remember it sounding this good. Some of the tunes I remembered but many I didn’t so it was like a brand new album again. It was “Pure Massacre” where the memories came flooding back. I had to crank this one up and it didn’t hurt the ears, it just sounded right.

Without doing a side by side comparison and relying on memory I would say that this is without a doubt the better of the pair. It sounds fresh and alive. A new breath of life has been given to this debut. An odd choice for a reissue but one that was done well.