Mike & The Mechanics + Paul Carrack- Live At Shepherds Bush London (Blu-Ray)

Mike + The Mechanics + Paul Carrack
Live At Shepherds Bush London
2013, Eagle Rock Ent
Rating: 3

Always a fan of live concerts and at times even ones that I am not a fan of the artist. The latter is where this Mike & The Mechanics Blu-Ray falls. Never really a fan of their music but familiar with the hits when they are on. Not an act I would rush out to buy but not one I would turn off if it was on.

When this Blu-Ray concert arrived I was interested as I love live music releases like this. This one was shot fairly well but not as crisp and clear as we have become used to with Eagle’s releases. This one is slightly less sharp in the video department but the audio is up to par.

All the hits are here and everyone is playing very well. They play the songs with perfection and they all sound great. Yes the vocals aren’t as smooth as they were back in the day but they are still damn fine. Everything you’d want to hear that I can think of is performed and as the release is labeled, Paul Carrack is back to make the show that much more special.

A fine release for Mechanics fan and it may help a casual fan become a full fledged fan? Either way, for myself it was an enjoyable watch but not one I would watch repeatedly. There was very little movement amongst them and they just preferred to stay in one spot and play. Great musicianship and music but lacking in performance.