Jon Lord – Concerto For Group And Orchestra (Blu-Ray)

Jon Lord
Concerto For Group And Orchestra (Blu-Ray)
2013, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 4.5

The late Jon Lord was an essential part of Deep Purple and without him the band is lacking. While Don Airey is an excellent keyboardist, he is no Lord. In his last days Jon went and worked with the Liverpool Philharmonic and it was captured on video and has now been issued for us to watch, enjoy and appreciate how great he really was.

Being a Purple fan and loving the sound that Jon got from that Hammond I was anticipating this release to hear more of those familiar sounds that I enjoy. When I put this on and sat back with a nice drink in hand I was quite surprised. This wasn’t the Classical performance I was expecting but a ‘Making Of’ so to speak. The more I watched, the more I became engulfed in it. I was fully focused on it and couldn’t look away. Seeing how it was recorded, written, everything was interesting on many levels. Seeing him play, record and talk to the others involved gave us a glimpse into one aspect of his life and world.

When they went to Abbey Road studios to do some overdubs and all the technical aspects was nothing short of mind-blowing. Part was due to the fact that I am a fan of The Beatles so anything Abbey Road is of interest. Then to top it off in comes Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden to lay down some vocals. Another band I am a fan of so this was just incredible to watch. I knew Bruce was an amazing singer but his vocals here put him on a whole new level. I never heard him sing like that and to watch him lay down those few lines then talk about Purple and Jon was one of the hi-lights of this release.

The other hi-light is kind of two-fold. It was incredible to watch and sounded magnificent while showing what a talent Lord was but sad in that we would never, ever get to see or hear him do it again. The solo section at the end where he lays down an organ solo in one take, steps back for a moment then removes his monitor headphones and walks away. Luckily a camera was looking down from the control room and caught it all.

Lord was a unique talent that is missed.