Elvis Presley – King Creole (24k Gold SACD)

elvis_presley_king_creoleElvis Presley
King Creole (24k Gold SACD)
2013, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 4.5




For those of you that do not know, Audio Fidelity is an Audiophile label that Remaster albums to the highest standards possible. They take great pride in what they do and make their releases sound better than previous issues of the same release. A while back they issued Judas Priest’s HELL BENT FOR LEATHER which sounded much better than the current Remasters and the same with their Dio releases.

Elvis Presley is known as the King of Rock and Roll and many claim that he was the originator of the genre. I am a fan of some of his music but like most artists there is some not so good stuff. When it comes to Presley’s music the 60’s Movie Soundtracks are his worst. Being unfamiliar with this album apart from the title track and another song or two I couldn’t wait to hear it.

As with just about every Audio Fidelity release I own the sound is amazing. You hear things you never heard before and everything is crystal clear, the way it should be. As I mentioned a moment ago, they take pride and care in their releases. They don’t just go in, crank everything up and call it Remastered. They go and search out the original master tape and then work their magic. While many of the songs on this album didn’t do it for me I cannot dismiss the quality here which is top shelf. It sounds as though The King is in the room with you, as cliche as that sounds. The vocals are really prominent and dynamic. You can almost hear him breathe it is that clear.

Audio Fidelity cater to a fairly small demographic but what they do should be the norm. Why do many bands and labels not really care that they produce and issue albums that sound like crap? I am not an audiophile with a system in tens of thousands but I do know quality when I hear it and Audio Fidelity is quality.