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Thrash metal lives and well in Finland when a number of young thrash bands have emerged out of cellars to conquer the scene with the intensive grip and attitude. Lost Society definitely belongs to the elite list of the Finnish speed/thrash metal genre. The band’s debut album FAST LOUD DEATH presents the ultra speed ear piercing hymns making each one’s head band brutality. It ain’t any surprise chaotic and maelstorm pits are raging when Lost Society hit the stage. Therefore it was reasonable to set the band’s frontman Sammy Elbanna to the rack of Metal-Rules.Com to find out a bit more. 

Interview and live pics by Arto Lehtinen

Good day to the whole Lost Society, the summer is already behind and I guess  you did quite a few festival appearances

Hey man! The summer is over, but the craziness continues! The past summer was so awesome, and a huge thank you goes to all the festivals and the crowds there!! We hit a lot of festivals, and the response we got was just amazing! The crowds were really into our stuff and had a good time, and so did we!


Lost Society have completed the recording session of the second album at the Sonic Pump studio, was it kind of safety choice to record the second output at Sonic Pump, not trying other studios or possibilities, what made you choice Sonic Pump in the first place ?!

Actually we’ve only demoed the second album, the recordings of the album will be in the near future, stay tuned about that one! But the choice to go back to Sonic Pump was pretty easy for us, as we had such a good time last time and we all just really loved what we got done with our producer NinoIMG_8734 Laurenne, so it’s gonna be a pleasure going back and making an even more fast and loud album!

 The debut album was an ultimate triumph of furious speed/thrash with the intensive grip, will the second album have the same sort of furious thrash with the cross over elements involved, have you brought some elements to the material on the second album ?

The second album will definitely have the distinct Lost Society spirit and attitude to it, but definitely will also have some new aspects to the thing. It’s going to have some more darker moments and angriness of course.. It’s gonna be something you can bang your head to, for sure!

To which aspects have you paid more attention to while recording and working on the follow-up to the first one ?

Wouldn’t know what to tell you on the recording side.. but as for working on the new material, it came very naturally to us, we don’t think about the music in a way that, what the public would like and so one, we just make riffs that we think sound killer and we love to thrash to! But we are sure you guys will dig the new stuff!

Nino Laurenne (Antidote and Thunderstone) has a long experience about the thrash metal stuff as a player and producer, what kind of tips has he given and pointed out to you?

Nino really is an expert on this stuff, and in the first album he really gave us good tips and pointers on the songs on how to make them even more killer, by adding even the smallest things to them. With the new material, we’ve worked with him in the same way, that he’s checked out some stuff and given tips and pointers on how to edit some riffs to make them stand out etc. Nino’s the man!

Was it hard or did you have the mandatory process of creation when creating new riffs and ideas for newer songs or did the new stuff come out smoothly from your veins ?

We started writing new material basically at the same time as we recorded the first album and after that, and all of the material came really smoothly out once again! All of us have been making tunes together and a lot of mosh-friendly riffage has been coming in all the time!

What is the logical way to come up new ideas for songs ; do you usually jam together to come up killer sounding riffs ? Who is the mastermind behind the ideas or is it more a like a teamwork ?

It’s really a team work. Usually me or Arttu, and of course the other guys time to time, bring out a new riff or idea at rehearsals, and we start jamming IMG_8679over it and pretty soon after that we just start bringing in new riffs and soon the song is done! It’s a really natural process for us, and it really works, especially since we practise about 5 times a week!

Well The debut album was titled FAST LOUD DEATH came out app. a year ago and literally blew the metal fans away. Were you kind of surprised to have such enormous amount of feedback which was outstanding and overwhelming ?

It really hit us by surprise how we got such a great response by both the public and the press. All of us are really proud of the album, and it just makes us feel proud and happy as hell to know that fans all around the world love the album as much as we do!

I can’t help asking if you are in some sort of pressure for what the audience out there may dig the second album or are you comforted by knowing the second album will be as a killer as the previous one ?

In all honesty, no. We make fast, loud tunes and moshable riffing purely based on what it sounds like to us, we love doing this stuff and the tunes we’ve written are fuckin’ killer in our opinion, and we really hope that all of you will thrash out to them too!

 Can you unveil something about song titles, which they are about and even an album title ?

The songs on the new album have a lot of different themes, there’s gonna be some terror, some lethal stuff, some wasted-ness and a lot of other stuff.. I think that’s all I’m gonna tell you this time!


The deal with Nuclear Blast was without any doubts a godspeed for Lost Society for sure, were you kind of surprised to land a deal with Nuclear Blast ? What kind of support have you got from them ?15x20

It has definitely been amazing with Nuclear Blast, they’ve done such a superb job with promoting us and everything. It was such a crazy feeling getting the first mail from NB and seeing that they were genuinely intrested in working with us. It’s been just amazing, and we hope to work with these guys for years to come!

How much did your win at the G.B.O.T.B competition help to get you signed

A live video that was shot in the finals in Helsinki, Finland, of the song Trash All Over You actually was linked to the guys in NB and that’s basically how they found us and contacted us shortly after seeing the video!

 Did you however observer other labels to find a right place for Lost Society ?

We had a few other choices before, and while signing to Nuclear Blast, but for us it was such a clear choise to go with NB! It’s been totally worth it, as they’ve done such an amazing job with everything!

How long the deal with NB will last ?

Let’s just say that, you’ll be seeing AT LEAST one more Lost Society album..IMG_8745

 Lost Society took the Finnish metal world by storm and gigs have been a full of hyperactive set with the fullspeed ahead. Are your gigs basically out of control or do you have a well planned and organized set and performance after all ?

Of course when we go out for a gig, we have a basic setlist and everything, but that’s basically it. We love to give the crowd a show, not just a gig. We have a hell of a time no matter where we are, and we always have our ways of getting the crowd to in the mood! But let’s face it, we are fucking crazy..haha!

When witnessing the gig at Jalometalli you truly enjoyed playing and being on the stage, when do you feel and instinct some certain gig is going to be extremely wild in terms of the wild relentless action of the audience resulting you to go utter beserk at the stage ?

Yeah man, it was a hell of a show, we had a blast! Basically before every show we just get really pumped up by seeing even one person out there, because even if it’s just the one person going crazy, it’s gonna be a blast! But nowadays when you see metalhead after metalhead in the crowd, we just know they’re gonna go mad when we push them to it!

Well are you able to keep up the same intensity level up gig after gig, or how do you charge your batteries before unleashing the power and energy ? 

Everytime when we hit the stage, we just let every restraint go and we go crazy! Getting on stage is the most awesome feeling in the world, and seeing the crowd go nuts makes it even more fun for us! We love moshing and moving about! We try to get some sleep between gigs, but tired or not, a Lost Society show is gonna be energetic and intense!



 As mentioned earlier Lost Society came out and blew the metal heads away, how did everything start out in the first place ?

The band was formed in 2010 by me and a friend of mine. We just both loved heavy metal and wanted to start up a band and do something with it! After a IMG_8743lot of line-up changes, finally in the summer of 2011 we got the final line-up together and started doing a lot of gigs in our hometown of Jyväskylä and some other places in Finland. That’s how it started!

 The band got catapulted to the bigger attention and publicity after conquering  the G.B.O.B. event, as a matter of fact you could shed some light on the meaning of the G.B.O.B. event and how did you involved with it ?

The whole deal with GBOB basically went down when one day I was checking out some different band competitions, so as to promote the band and get our music heard elsewhere, and then I found this competition. We won the semifinals and eventually the finals in Finland. Actually the video that was filmed in the finals of Trash All Over You, was linked to the guys at Nuclear Blast and that’s how they found us and contacted us shortly after that! Crazy!

Each of you are between 18-20 which is really good way to kick the thrash assault with the intensive grip, but which bands influenced Lost Society to become what you sound nowadays ? Do you adore these legendary thrash bands and do you keep your noses on the ground by checking out newer bands sharing the same genre with Lost Society ?

The two biggest influences in the music are Anthrax and Megadeth, but our music has a lot more influences coming from many different genres, like we have the groove-riffage which is heavily influenced by Pantera, then we have the aspect of crossover influenced by S.O.D., Suicidal Tendencies, Municipal Waste, and there’s a lot more to it. Anyway, we’ve taken a lot of influences from lots of places and just mixed them together and hit the Lost Society touch in it!

How much have you used the digital tools ie facebook, myspace etc to get some attention and draw new fans, do you view the digital tools are essential ones for Lost Society to keep the metal community updated ?

I think being raised and bringing up a band in the time we live in has been amazing in terms of promotion. When you think about it, everything is IMG_8718controlled by Facebook, Youtube and the rest of them, which is great! You can get your material to the public really easily, and everything is really easily accessible! It’s definitely an awesome thing to have, since we can keep the fans updated and show them cool videos and stuff from time to time! Check us out on Facebook and Youtube, you’ll have a good time!

 Lost Society will embark for the European tour with the Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels. How many dates that tour shall contain ? Where do you visit ?

It’s going to be a crazy tour, I believe it’s 30 days and 28 dates, with a chance that the last two days are also going to be filled! We’re hitting over 10 different countries, including Germany, Holland, UK and many other places! It’s gonna be a hell of a time!

Even though Lost Society is relativity unknown outside Finland, what can people expect from the Lost Society show/ gig ?

When going to see a Lost Society show, you can expect to see a shitload of energy coming from the four braindead metalheads on stage! A night of thrashing, moshing and of course: having the time of your life! We’ll play tunes, old and new, so be ready to shout with us!

 Are you gonna blow the Greek thrashers off from the stage ?

I’m pretty sure all four bands are just gonna blow all of the venues to the skies, but we sure as hell are bringing our a-game and we’ll thrash Europe harder than it’s ever seen!

 I for one thank your time for doing this time. However the last words are yours

The pleasure was all mine! I’d like to thank all of our amazing fans around the world, check out the album, anticipate the second one and come check us out live, and most importantly.. MOSH IT UP!

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