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Singer Sven Zaklikowski – Dirt

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

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Dirt is a band from the northern part of Germany that at the end of last year released their debut album called ROCK N ROLL ACCIDENT. I hooked up with singer Sven Zaklikowski a while ago. We talked about the bands past present and future. If you’re into Southern Groove Metal than pay Dirt a visit.

Hi Sven how are you today? Are you ready to kick off the interview?

Hy, yes thanks I’m fine and of course I’m ready!

ROCK N ROLL ACCIDENT is the name of the bands bran new album. How long took it to write all the material and to record the album?

We started in December 2011 the songwriting and finished the album in march 2012 so it took about 3 months.

Who in the band writes the music and lyrics and what are the lyrics about?

Our drummer, Marcel an me meet regularly and have some sessions in my own studio and that’s the way we write the songs. Just few ideas and put them together and there is the song. Usually do I do the songwriting but on the second album, Marius, our base player helped me out with that also. The lyrics are based on happenings of the daily life.

You put out an online teaser at MySpace, Facebook and Youtube, what did the fans think of the song?

The fans mostly liked it and were very excited to hear the whole album after they listened to it.

Who has done the cover art work to the disc and what do you think of cover?

The cover was shot by friends of us who have a photo agency and do photo shootings for lot of bands – it called “LUX Eterna” and they do a great job. The cover is exactly how we visualized it and it describes the mood of the album very good.


What does the title ROCK N ROLL ACCIDENT stand for? Does the title have any special meaning to the bandmembers?

Rock’n’Roll Accident should describe the day after partying all night and you have a hangover. As we had a lot of these “Rock’n’Roll Nights” together we thought the name fits very good.

How would you like to describe the kind of music that Dirt plays?

A kickass-hard rock-vibe mix which is influenced by groove metal.


Have you only used newly written songs for the album or have you used any songs originally written to any of your previous albums?

No all the songs were newly written for Rock’n’Roll accident. We had some songs which we didn’t put on the first album but they didn’t fit hundred per cent to the new album.

Dirt’s previous album SUICIDE BLUES came out in 2009. Why did it take so long for you to follow up that one?

It was planned to put the second album on 2011 but then we got the offer from massacre records and they thought it would be better to release the album in the end of 2012. So we didn’t have any stress which was very helpful for the songwriting.

Does the band care about what critics have to say about your music and your work?

Yes of course, for us it’s very important to hear critics also the negative ones as we can improve our work trough them. But as you may know it’s much better to see good critics, and we have to say that mostly the critics are positive.

Are there any plans on shooting a video to any of the songs? If so which song?

For the song “Fast Lane” we shot a video in 2012 – just check it out on You Tube.

How come you chose to ink a deal with Massacre Records?

An agent of Massacre Records heard our first album SUICIDE BLUES and liked it so he contacted us and offered us a deal for the new album. Of course we were very happy and excited about that because Massacre Records is a great, well known Label with very good artists, so it was a great honor for us to get such a great opportunity that our music is known all over the world.

Are you happy with the work the label have put into the band and the album so far?

Yes the work with the label was great so far.

Is the album released worldwide? If not are there any plans on conquer the European, Asian or North American market or are you focus set on Germany?

Yes the album is released world wide and we get also reviews from all over the world, which is great.

Are you happy with the outcome of the album or do you feel you should have done anything different in retrospect?

No it was fine and it was also very exciting to see our album in well known metal magazines also from abroad. So we would do it exactly the same way again.

Studio and production

Where was the album recorded and who has produced it?

The album was recorded in my own studio. I produced it on my own.

Who did the mixing and mastering?

Linus Weber, a friend of mine did the mixing and mastering. He’s very good at it and mixed a lot of bands within the last years, also our first CD.

What do you prefer – recording or performing live?

We like both. Working in the studio is great because you can see the development of your songs and you can do them 2 or 3 times if it’s not perfect. When you play live you have only one chance to do the song great. But playing live is super because you got the resonance of the audience and it’s great when the people sing your songs.



When was the band formed and what made you decide to form Dirt?

After leaving my old band I decided to form DIRT in 2008, as I wrote there already songs on my own which didn’t fit to the stuff my former band played at that time.

Was it hard to find member to the band and was it given from the start that you were going to play the kind of music that you do?

No it was very easy as I knew the guys already before from different gigs they played with their bands as well as I did. As I showed them the songs I wrote they were all totally excited about it and so DIRT was born.

Who came up with the band name?

It was my idea.

Dirt’s debut album was named SUICIDE BLUES, what do you remember most from the recording sessions?

It had a very good time recording it as I recorded it all on my own. So is was very relaxed and I could do whatever I wanted. Thiemo, our lead guitar player came in the end to the studio to play the solo guitar and the album was finished.


Is it correct that you released that album on your own label Dirt Rock Records? Why did you want to release it on your own?

At that time the German labels were more into the whole metalcore scene and there was no label who fit hundred per cent to my music. So I decided to form my own label and to release the CD on my own.

What did the media and the fans think of SUICIDE BLUES?

The reviews and the feedback was to 90% positive.

The song “Breaking Down” ended up on the compilation METAL-CRUSADE Vol.XIX in Germany and made in in the German Heavy Magazine how was that and do you think you gained fans with that?

Yes that was amazing. Also as we didn’t were supported by a Label and made it on our own. Yes I think we gained more fans with that because the Heavy Magazine reaches a lot of people also throughout Germany.

Has the band gone through any changes in the line-up or are the current one the original one?

It’s still the original Band like in the beginning.

Has the band done a lot of touring yet? Which show has been the most memorable one so far?

We played some regional gigs so far and at the moment we are looking for a booking agency to do a tour in the near future. It’s hard to name one show, lots of gigs were awesome and every gig is special.

I have read the you have played a lot in the Southern parts of Germany but have you played outside Germany too?

Unfortunately we haven’t played outside of Germany, but as already said, we are looking to do a tour also outside of Germany.

Are there any plans on heading out in Europe soon and has the band got any confirmed festival shows for the summer?

Yes we’re planning to do some shows, but we will see.

When I began to do research about Dirt I noticed that you haven’t got a proper website – why? There are also quite hard to find any info about the band on the web, why is it so?

Ok just check out www.dirt-music.de

Is the band active on Facebook, Twitter and so on?

Yes we are on facebook and we are very active and inform our fans about all the new reviews, shows and so on.

Do you have any idea on when the next Dirt album is going to be released? Are you currently working on any new material?

Yes at the moment we do some sessions and collect ideas for a new album. Maybe a new album will be release in the end of 2014.

Where in the world does the band got its biggest fanbase?

The biggest fanbase is situated in Germany, south of Germany mostly were we come from. But we have fans all over the world which is great.

Does all of the members live in the same city or nearby each other?

Yes, our drummer lives in a city 1 hour away but all the others live in the same city so it’s easy to meet often for sessions and rehearsals.

What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t discovered Dirt yet?

If you like a groovy hard rock metal music with a little touch of southern rock you have to check out DIRT. It’s melodic but also a punch in the face.


Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy ROCK N ROLL ACCIDENT?

Because it’s a well produced album with 10 songs who are all different. Furthermore the kind of music is very special and silhouetted against the other metal stuff at the moment. And it’s perfect music when you’re driving your car 😉

Are you happy with what Dirt has achieved so far? What are the plans for the band during 2013?

Yes of course we are satisfied with the distribution of the album and as mentioned above we are looking forward to play cool gigs in Germany and abroad.

Well, thanks a lot for taking the time doing the interview and I wish you and the band all the best in the future. Do you have any words of wisdom to share with the readers?

Thank you for your interest and the opportunity to do the interview with you. Words of wisdom for the readers: Check out the album, drink beer and stay rock’n’roll \m/



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