Holmens Rock 2013 with Siphon Fuel,Electric Boys,Bourbon Boys,Sator,Crucified Barbara and headline act D.A.D at Frihamnspiren,Gothenburg Sweden


Next up on the list was the legendary Swedish punk rock act Sator that began their career a long time ago under the name Sator Codex which they narrowed down to only Sator in 1987. The band was active to 1998 and was then put to rest. In 2006 came their come back album and the latest release came 2011. The new bass player Heikki Kiviaho joined the band in 2003 but besides him, the line-up is the same as when they began. When Sator was inactive established guitarist Chips Kiesbye himself as producer and have produced albums with The Hellacopters, Sahara Hotnights and Millencolin to mention a few. The audience size had increased and they stood in front of the stage waiting for the band. Sator was one of my own personal highlights of the festival.



The band ran out on stage to the fans delight and kicked off the show instantly with “Slug It Out” which was followed by “Drive Through The Night”. “Gamma Gamma Hey” followed and the fans was really happy to see Sator live in action. The band members are:

Chips Kiesbye – lead vocals, guitar

Kent Norberg – lead vocals, guitar

Hans Gäfvert – keyboards

Michael Solén – Drums

Heikki Kiviaho – bass

Kiesbye thanked fans for the warm welcome and Norberg said it was time to play “No Place To Land”. Sator played their songs at a furious pace and seemed to be really happy with the response from the fans. Both Kiesbye and Norberg took care of the talking and asked if the audience liked The Ramones and said that it was sad to see that you could buy an Ramones t-shirt at H&M nowadays. Now was it time for the band to play their tribute to Ramones with the song “Good Night Joey”. It was mainly Kiviaho that moved around, in fact he ran around like a madman on stage. Next song up was taken from the 2011 album UNDER THE RADAR and it was “When You Lie Down With Dogs”. Kiesbye said it was for the drummer Solén to work a bit and kicked off the song “Dance To The Rocket From The Crypt”.





Sator as a live band is really solid and there’s no doubt that they are skilled musicians. In the middle of the song climbed Kiviaho up on the drum podium and rammed down the cymbals. If it was meant to be I don’t know but it sure was something to see. Both singers turned around after the song to look at the mess Kiviaho made. The bands big hit “I Wanna Go Home” taken from the 1992 album HEADQUAKE followed and the fans went nuts. A cover of the Danish act Gasolin’s song “This Is My Life” continued the show and Sator’s version of the song was magic. Sator sure managed to do the song to their own with punk influences and energy. Kiesbye said that they were going to play one more song and that the fans should chose in between a song about either liquor or death. Then he said Ok let’s do a song about both and kicked off “I Rather Drink Than Talk”. Norberg thanked the fans for the applauds and said that it was time to play the last song for the evening and Sator left us with “We All Gonna Die”. Kiviaho climbed up on some amps that stood on the side of the stage and played on top of those. At the end of the song he once again tried to ram the drums again and the cymbals and everything went down again.





The show lasted for 45 minutes and it all ended as soon as the last song was done. It was an amazing show that showed that Sator still can deliver some amazing live performances. The show contained great songs, energy and vitality. Both Norberg and Kiesbye sang as good as always and the rest of the band was really solid as well. The only negative thing was the smoke machine and the length of the show. I wanted Sator to play for at least one hour and not for only 45 minutes.




Set list

Slug It Out

Drive Through the Night

Gamma Gamma

Hey No Place To Land

Good Night Joey

When You Lie Down With Dogs

Dance To The Rocket From The Crypt

I Wanna Go Home

This Is My Life

I’d Rather Drink Than Talk

We’re All Gonna Die

Again is it 30 minutes in between the bands and almost all of the people in the audience headed to the restaurant. The next band on the agenda is Crucified Barbara and while I waited I headed over to the merchandise stands to check out the shirts. Most of the merchandise belonged to the headline act D.A.D. and the prices were OK. The latest release from Crucified Barbara was THE MIDNIGHT CHASE from 2012. The band have been out on a European tour this summer but now was it so time for the band to perform at Holmens Rock. The crew worked hard to get the stage ready for Crucified Barbara and people started to gather in front of the stage.


Crucified Barbara

The band was greeted warmly by the fans and the entire stage was covered in smoke when the girls came on stage. “Play Me Hard” was the first song for the evening and it was followed instantly by “Shut Your Mouth”. The members partially disappeared in the smoke and it was really hard to take photos.


Band members are:

Mia Coldheart – lead vocals, guitar

Klara Force – guitar

Ida Evileye – bass

Nicki Wicked – drums

Coldheart thanked the crowd and said it was fun to be in Gothenburg performing. MIDNIGHT CHASE is the latest release and from that album comes the song “Everything We Need” which was the next song up. There were not much moving around going on up on the stage and the girls mostly stood solid on their spot. The song ended and it got quite until the band kicked off “Sex Action”. Coldheart said she got the question of how it felt to be a female and play metal and she said that it was kind of a stupid question to get. She said she had written a song about it and the song is “Rock Me Like The Devil” and it was the next song. Since the last time I saw the band had they learnt how to headbang and synchronize their poses on stage just like Judas Priest and Accept always have done. Coldheart said that the band had done three gigs on 24 hours and that they felt a little tired. She then introduced the next song which was taken from the first album and the song was “Motorfucker”.





The sun had set over the area and the dawn had arrived to Gothenburg. And because of the poor lighting on stage and the smoke was it hard to see the band members. Coldheart thanked Gothenburg and Chips Kiesbye from Sator because they had recorded their new album with Kiesbye in Gothenburg. “The Crucifier” and “Count Me In” continued the show and the reluctant audience had begun to wake up and actually made some noise during the show. Two songs remained to be played and those were “In Distortion We Trust” and “Into The Fire”. Coldheart introduced the band at the end of the song and when it ended waved the band to the fans and went of stage.

It was a while since I last saw the band live on stage and in my opinion the band have not improved at all. They are actually quite boring as a live band. I was happy this show only lasted for 45 minutes to be honest. And why let Crucified Barbara play after Electric Boys, shouldn’t it be reversed? Both Electric Boys and Sator are bigger than Crucified Barbara.



Set list

Play Me Hard

Shut Your Mouth

Everything We Need

Sex Action

Rock Me Like The Devil


The Crucifier

Count Me In

In Distortion We Trust

Into The Fire

Before the last band for the night, the Danish act D.A.D., was about to go on stage there was a 45 minute break and almost all of the people disappeared to the restaurant and it was only few that stood put in wait for D.A.D. A minor drumkit and a backdrop was put in place and I was a little disappointed because that meant that the band wasn’t going to put on their big stage show. The bands tour leader walked around and double checked the instruments. About 20 minutes before the band was scheduled to begin, people came back to the area and waited for the band to kick off their show. About 5 minutes after the scheduled time the band walked on stage to the roaring fans.



“Isn’t That Wild” marked the beginning of the show and every member but one came on stage. Last out was singer Jesper Binzer and the show continued with “Jihad No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims”. Binzer talked Scandinavian so that everyone would understand him. Even though Sweden and Denmark is neighbors can it be hard to understand each other. D.A.D consists of:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar

Jacob Binzer – lead guitar

Stig “Stigge Nasty” Pedersen – bass

Laust Sonne – drums

It seemed like the crowd had a hard time understanding Binzer anyway because he always asked if they understood him. “A New Age Moving In” followed and as always little brother Jacob Binzer shined on guitar. He is an amazing guitarist and has always delivered some really strong guitar playing. The lighting was again really poor and especially Pedersen stood mostly in darkness. Pedersen has numerous bass guitars and he has  them custom made so it’s always exciting to see which bass he have brought along. Sonne began the drum intro to “Everything Glows” and the fans went really crazy when they heard what song that was coming up. Through the years, Pedersen has been dressed as a roman gladiator, a pilot and Zorro to mention a few but during since a while back he has abandoned the costumes and comes now on stage as himself. Even though the band did a good job on stage there was something missing, a spark, a little energy or something like that. I have seen the band do a much better show than this during the many years I have followed them. The band seemed a little tired, why I don’t know.





Jesper asked the fans if they were OK and said that the storm that came earlier during the day had washed away all of the bad things and that now remained only good things. He said that the band and the crowd had a really cozy time and said that his brother Jacob now had his red guitar on which means it was about to have some ultramax coziness. “Grow Or Pay” which was the first song that got extra-long because of the long lead guitar parts by Jacob. Pedersen said how do you do to the audience and the audience screamed back. Pedersen say then how do you do “Riding With Sue” continued and Pedersen sang the last song which he always does. It’s sad that he doesn’t sing as much as he use to in the beginning of their career. I do think that it’s time for Pedersen to change “Riding With Sue” to maybe “Black Crickets” that he also sings. We have heard “Riding With Sue” for quite a while now. Jesper said that it was now time for the band and for the fans to sing together in “Monster Philosophy”. The audience took over the chorus and Jesper seemed to be happy with the respond. “I Want What She’s Got” (in an extended version) was played and in the middle of the song said Jesper that it was time to sing some more and now should the fans sing “we want what Laust got” and they did as Jesper told them to. That was done a few times and then was it time for Sonne to play his drum solo. Jesper thanked Sonne for the drum solo with the words “talent, love from Denmark” and said that now was it going to be hard because he and the fans was going to clap their hands and sing at the same time. Jesper shouted “come on Laust you know we love you” and said that the fans should shout the same. They did as Jesper said and once again showed the brilliant Sonne his skills on drums.




When that finally was over was it time to go crazy with “Bad Craziness” which made the fans explode. When the show was over said Jesper – thank you so much Gothenburg I love you. By then had the band played for 60 minutes. The audience wanted to hear more from D.A.D and shortly after came the band back on stage to do encores. The first encore was the monster hit “Laugh n a Half”. Jesper sang the first verse and the chorus and then took the fans over. The crowd sang but not that loud at all. The rest of the band joined the brothers on stage when the song was over and kicked off a long version of “Sleeping My Day Away”. Jesper said it had been a magical night and tomorrow it was time to sleep in and then he kicked off the song. Jesper let the crowd sing the chorus but they didn’t sing loud at all. The song became really long because of the guitar solos in the middle by Jacob. Nasty came on stage with a helmet that was bursting flames and he ran around on stage until the sparks was out. Jesper looked at the clock when the song was over but the crew said it was time to finish the show and he said it was time to go. That ended the show, it was a really strange good bye.




Well, this was a really unusual D.A.D. show for me. This show was not one of the better ones I’ve seen them do over the years. Sure, the set list was good (even though I missed It’s After Dark, the band always ends the show with that song when it’s dark but apparently not this time) and they did what they should on stage but there was something missing. D.A.D. is a band that relies on the connection with the fans and the crowd and I think they lacked the connection with this particular audience. It felt like the crowd didn’t give their all and maybe D.A.D. felt that. The band felt a bit unfocused and tired and I now that they can do better than this.


Set list

Isn’t That Wild

Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims

A New Age Moving In

Everything Glows

Grow Or Pay

Riding With Sue

Monster Philosophy

I Want What She’s Got

Bad Craziness


Laugn n a Half

Sleeping My Day Away

When everyone was about to head home we noticed that one of the entrances to the court was closed so we had to take another way out from the race track. They had closed the entrance to the restaurant so if people wanted to go in there they had to pay entrance fee. The last band closed their show at 24.00 but the restaurant was open until 1 so it was a bit cheap from the organizers to take out an entrance fee when it was only one hour left.

Overall, it was a strange festival, it felt like the organizers wanted it to be classy and expensive with the fine-dining restaurant and expensive local beer types but then why book rock/hardrock acts? The playing time for the bands was too short and the placing of the bands was weird. Why put Crucified Barbara over Sator? There were long quite breaks in between the bands and the stage was poorly lit. The organizers have a few things to improve if there’s going to be a festival next year.






The positive things was the great line-up with a lot of great bands and it was a great place to have a festival. The pier is perfect for hosting a festival here. It’s close to the city and to hotels and hostels if you come from far away. The organizers were happy with this day and the festival are going to come back next year again according to their facebook page.



Thanks to press coordinator Emma Kling at Holmens Rock for help with press/photo-pass to the festival.


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