Status Quo – Bula Quo

Status Quo
Bula Quo
2013, Eagle Records
Rating: 4/5

Some bands try new things and alienate fans in the process while others progress slowly and the fans grow with them. In the case of Status Quo they take the AC/DC and Motorhead approach of ‘If it ain’t broke why fix it?’. This has worked for the British band for over 40 years.

While  BULA QUO isn’t exactly the same as the debut or any in-between it is easily identifiable as pure Quo. It goes well with their recent FOURTH CHORD and QUID PRO QUO albums. A bit more modern for the times but not to shock their listeners. The good time groove is intact, especially on songs like “Run And Hide” and “Running Inside My Head” while “Looking For Caroline” reminds of you of the great Canadian bands of the 80’s like Honeymoon Suite and Loverboy. The guitars have that same sound to them and the overall melody hints at those bands. A tropical Hawaiian vibe is happening on “Mystery Island”. It makes you vision those technicolor girls in grass skirts with long flowing dark hair on a beach at sunset. A song best played during those evening BBQ’s, which are sadly coming to end now.  The tempo is picked up again with “All That Money” with more of that simple Rock beat. The last 2 track have bits of that island flair to them. For “Fiji Time” it’s more due to the lyrics while with “Bula Bula Quo” it’s the tribal drum beat. This begins to give you images of Headhunters on a beach with their spears around a fire but it quickly goes into your typical SQ rocker.

Nothing new here just some good clean Rock n Roll fun. An enjoyable listen, especially on those bright sunny days. If you like their previous few albums then this one is one that you will enjoy as much. A solid album with no filler tracks.