Jalometalli – Oulu Finland



Oulu, Finland
August 9-10, 2013


N.N.S. – Life is Pain

The legendary thrash relic from the 80’ties N.N.S. or (National Napalm Syndicate) where the shortcut of the name comes from, were opening act for Saturday. I was somewhat excited to check them out because band had 3 original members in their ranks at Jalometalli: Aku Raaska (vocals), Pasi Pauanne (drums) and Jukka Kyrö (guitars).  So I thought that there might be slight changes to hear material from the very beginning of their career. It’s glad to say that I wasn’t totally wrong, band kicked off their set with medley which included the following songs: Lucy, 911 and Ante Mortem from the debut album which was released in 1989. Straight from the start have to say that Aku Raaska’s appearance on stage was truly like jumping in the time machine and getting back in the 80’ties when I saw them playing last time. Like nothing have changed which was truly great! N.N.S. certainly has their own style when it comes to their music and I really think that the very core of the original sound of the band was present with the voice of Aku Raaska at Jalometalli. The Line-up worked well but I have to say that based on what I heard band needs perhaps more gigs to build their appearance tighter and even more aggressive. Some parts of the gig were not too easy going which naturally just demands more live playing to get them fixed. The former vocalist of the band Ilkka Järvenpää joined with the band on stage for the last three songs bringing some fresh live energy with him. Both vocalists joined their forces when band played the Exodus –cover Piranha as their last song of the gig. All in all pretty decent start for the second day of the festival!

Ante Mortem-medley,
Silent Violence
Pain of Pleasure
Where Fears Reign
The Sunrise –medley
Life Is Pain

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Arch Goat – Final ride with the line-up?

The domestic black metal trio unleashed the blasphemic hymns on the indoor stage. Before the gig there was a rumour the band would perform with this line-up for the last time ever and undergo some radical changes. Whatever Arch Goat’s sadistical and chaotic black metal outburst fitted into the indoor atmosphere by creating the eerie and dismal black mass. The frontman Lord Angelslayer’s brutal with the mandatory echoed speeches sounded as well brutal and of course chaotic. All the primitive black metal worshippers definitely dug the stuff and got prepared for Blasphemy.

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Holy Moses – Sabina is Hot!

The German thrash metal assault hit in a row when both Holy Moses and Tankard. First off Holy Moses hit the stage. Well it is mostly Sabina Classen’s own brainchild with the background forces. Sabina will be turning 50 sooner or later, but the lady was in vicious strike during the whole performance! She demanded the audience to arrange an old school pit. The kids went totally beserk. Even though other members of Holy Moses were more in static roles, Sabina was extremely vital and completely friendly for the audience. The whole set was a pure old school thrash metal whipping from the beginning to the end, featuring  from the 80’s albums such as Finished With The Dogs. Gerre from Tankard visited the stage a few times and tried to marry Sabina. But the funniest thing was when the audience got on the stage and arranged the pit during “Too Drunk To Fuck” being the old Dead Kennedy’s cover tune.


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Tankard – No Empty Tankard

The German thrash assault continued when the legendary beer thrashers Tankard hit the stage. The band took the stage by storm, especially the frontman Gerre was a reckless duracell bunny running like a maniac. The kids got entirely beserk arranging the intensive circlepit. Tankard offered another flashback of the 80’s thrash metal by doing the known songs such as “Chemical Invasion”, “Zombie Attack” etc. The tight law things of the Finnish alcohol policy got the Tankard guys a little bit surprised and obviously according to Gerre, they might do a song of it. Even though the whole idea of Tankard is based on the sense of humor about drinking the beer and having fun, this kind of stuff appeals to the drunken audience and having fun is the essential thing for sure. It is sort of amazing how Tankard has been able to carry on the beer thrash during these years, as several other bands of that genre have vanished from the map. Tankard seems to have gained some new fan generation.

Zombie Attack
Time Warp
The Morning After
Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad)
Stay Thirsty!
Rules for Fools
Die with a Beer in Your Hand
Chemical Invasion
A Girl Called Cerveza
(Empty) Tankard 


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Blasphemy – Ross Bay Cult Rises

The Canadian black metal legends Blasphemy made its second journey to Finland. The band spent the whole weekend in the festival digging the bands for sure. Blasphemy got on the stage on Saturday and the funniest thing they had got nearly 90 minutes of playing time, even though they have only the stuff for 45 minutes and a bit more. Therefore the start delayed a bit. When the five piece on the stage in wake of the legendary opening intro, the audience got psyched for the set. However it felt the band’ s performance was kind of phlegmatic and not that intensive as on the first gig in Helsinki a few years back. However the Canucks sounded and looked evil as hell and brutal. The set included all the essential Blasphemy classics and was ended up by “Ritual”. Some people obviously though Blasphemy was the headliner of the second day, well frankly there was no an official headliner on the second day, even though Blasphemy had an over saturated playing time.




VOIVOD – Target Jalometalli

When the Canadian black metallers have finished the set, another Canadian metal icon, Voivod, kicked their gig off on the indoor stage. The four piece headlined the Jalometalli festival a few years ago and gathered a massive audience. The indoor gig didn’t make any exception in this case. Voivod pulled the big crowd when the set was kicked off by Kluskap O’Kom and was followed by Tribal Convictions. The set list had been built to cover the essential classic tunes from the 80’s albums and of course the material from the latest TARGET EARTH played the important role in the set.  The new songs definitely sounded brilliant fitting to the set along with the other classic ones. Voivod was on fire during the whole show despite the minimal sleeping hours. Snake’s personal sounding tune and Blacky’s and Chewy’s dual with their instruments proved that the whole Voivod was in its own elements on the indoor stage. Of course the playing time started at midnight was quite bizarre, but that didn’t bother the band and the audience at all. Even the Canadian black metal warriors had immediately rushed from the outdoor stage to check out Voivod without cleaning the war paints off. Voivod came and conquered the Jalometalli festival for the second time in a row. The band never lets the audience down and didn’t let anyone down this time. The band is definitely welcome in Finland!

Kluskap O’Kom
Tribal Convictions
Target Earth
Corps Étranger
Psychic Vacuum
Ripping Headaches
The Unknown Knows
Forgotten in Space
Mechanical Mind


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