Dave Davies – I Will Be Me

Dave Davies
I Will Be Me
2013, Purple Pyramid
Rating: 4/5

Dave Davies is known for changing the sound of Rock n’ Roll when he sliced up the speaker cone of his amp and gave us that unique guitar sound we all know and love on his former band’s classic tune “You Really Got Me”. Damaging his green amp helped make The Kinks a household name worldwide.

Fast forward 40 plus years later and Davies is still creating and issuing new albums for adoring fans. I WILL BE ME is a prime example why he is highly regarded as a musician. While there may not be mind blowing guitar solos here, we do get some well written and performed songs. The song “Little Green Amp” fittingly kicks off the album which is a little nod to that infamous one he sliced up back in the 60’s. The rest of the album isn’t a nostalgia trip although you do get a little Kinks feel in a couple of spots. I am not talking full selections just a little riff here and there.

One of the years better Rock albums. Nothing outstanding, just a well written and recorded album. It is a nice record to put on when you want to sit back and enjoy some good tunes.