Eyehategod – Kuudes Linja Helsinki Finland


The7th of August 2013

Kuudes Linja Helsinki Finland

The southern sludge mongers have become regular visitors to Finland during the last few years. Their previous gig in  Helsinki has been described as one of the most extreme violent, brutal and even chaotic musical events witnessed in Helsinki for years. Therefore, expecting the sludge maelstrom and chaotic and relentless audience was nothing, but obvious. The Kuudes Linja club is extremely small to create and have the utter chaos and real intensive atmosphere.


The before uncrowned sludge kings got on stage, the domestic electro-noise two man combo named Grunt performed a real sonic torturing set with various tools. The masked group unleashed a sonic rampage and caused permanent earache for sure. The band had self-produced the video shown on the backdrop for the show. That video in particular was one of the sickest visuals shown at any show. It was a full of perverse and sadistic S&M performances and sexual references. Obviously, the audience stared at both the band and the S&M video rolling on the screen with massive interest.  Grunt sounded extreme and above all interesting in several aspects. Even the singer of EyeHateGod was spellbound by the sonic torment ripping as he cheered the band when leaving the stage.

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EyeHateGod was next up on the stage. The band kinda dragged themselves on stage one by one  without any big ceremony, just chatting with the audience. Apparently a few guys in the front line were a little bit high as spitting put all kinds of senseless crap. Obviously those comments were found funny by the EyeHateGod men as they responding  back with tongue-in-cheek. The band kicked the sludge in, roaring over the small sweating club. The frontman Mike Williams’ raw voice was in good strike during the whole gig. The Down drummer Jimmy Bower literally ripped his guitar apart when playing such heavy riffs. The man was sweating like an animal and ended up being totally wet. All in all the heavy sludge riffs roared out of the speakers with an intense grip. The band was on fire during the whole gig.


The previous gig that EyeHateGod did in Helsinki was pure chaos from the beginning to the end. However, this gig at the Kuudes Linja club was a slight disappointment when it comes to the audience’s involvement in arranging the chaotic  pits. Instead the people mostly were standing and just looking at the band. The frontman Mike Williams already asked the crowd to wake up. Some sort of relentless pit broke out in the front line however….

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Eyehategod spent about one hour on the stage playing a tight brutal gig. But one hour playing was kind of short as this kind of enjoyable southern sludge metal could be listened to more. Apparently the band saved themselves for the next gig in the following day in the same place.


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