Lux Occulta – New Single And Album Details Revealed

Polish avant-garde metal masters Lux Occulta break the silence after 12 years and have released a new single called Dymy. Check it out right now on Bandcamp ( Surely you didn’t expect something like that… or did you? This is only a foretaste of their new 5th album called Kołysanki (which means “lullabies” in Polish) that will come out in the fall. You can also enjoy the cover art made by Elżbieta Biryło and tracklist below.

This song contains pieces of an old Lemko song Tam za hory kamianoji where Vogg plays guitar and accordion.

Kołysanki tracklist:

01. Dymy
02. Samuel wraca do domu
03. Mieczów siedem
04. Serca tu mają tylko dzwony
05. Sen jest lżejszy od powietrza
06. Karawanem fiat
07. Bieluń i chryzantemy
08. Bądź miłościw

Lux Occulta (which is Latin for “hidden light” or “the secrets of light”) is a Polish avant-garde metal band, founded in late 1994. Their work, also strongly influenced by progressive metal and black metal, commonly incorporates elaborate arrangements often featuring multiple sections and unpredictable time changes.

The band was started when guitarists Peter and G’Ames asked Jaro.Slav, currently well known Polish music journalist and author of Slayer biography entitled No Mercy, to join their new project. Jackie (bass guitar) and Aemil (drums) joined the band few weeks later, followed by keyboard player U.Reck after the band’s first rehearsal session. After the recording in 1996 of the band’s first full album, Forever Alone, Immortal, Aemil was replaced by drummer Kriss. The band’s second album,Dionysos, followed in 1997. In 1998, after the release of Maior Arcana, G’Ames and Jackie were asked to leave the band; their replacements were guitarist Vogg and bassist Martin, also of the Polish death metal band Decapitated. A lengthy recording succession with the new lineup yielded My Guardian Anger, which was released in 1999. After several months’ hiatus from performing, the band played Poland’s Metalmania Festival in 2000 alongside acts such as Opeth, Behemoth and Tiamat, which drew the attention of the Portuguese label Maquiavel Music. The next month they were signed to the label for a two-album deal, and the first of their albums on MM, The Mother and the Enemy, appeared the following year. The band has been mostly dormant since 2002, although they posted a message to their MySpace some years afterward indicating that they were working on new materia. In 2012 it was announced that Lux Occulta had begun recording a new album.



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