Copenhell Festival 2013 Refshaleoen Copenhagen,Denmark



On the second day we made sure to begin our journey back to Copenhagen in real goodtime, at least was that was we thought. Even though we were in time wasn’t the train in time and we got delayed for at least 40 minutes. The shuttle busses to the festival worked smoothly but the delay made us miss the beginning of the Accept show. The second day of the festival also contained acts like Testament, Down, Sabaton and the legendary King Diamond that was the closing act for the festival. Once we came over the bridge and to the shuttle buses everything worked fine so we have to give credit to the shuttle busses.


We had plans to take a look at the festival ground before the Accept show but those plans crashed and when we made it to the festival area we could hear “Breaker” playing inside. We rushed there and made it in time to hear the final chords of “Breaker”. We were so late that Anders didn’t made it into the pit and was forced to take pictures amongst the crowd. Since we didn’t had time to check out the festival area had we planned to take a closer look at it during Saturday.


“Princess Of The Dawn” kicked off and the big crowd that was there to see their heroes sang a long during the entire show. The sing a long kept on continuing throughout most of the songs. The Accept of 2013 looks like this:

Mark Tornillo – lead vocals

Wolf Hoffmann – guitar

Peter Baltes – bass

Herman Frank – guitar

Stefan Schwarzmann – drums

All of the members seemed to be having a great time on stage and especially Baltes and Hoffmann joked around with a big grin on their faces during the show. Tornillo did a great job on lead vocals and we have to admit that he have grown into his role into the band since the last time we saw him. He let the front duo (Baltes and Hoffmann) do most of the work while he stood in the background after having singing his parts.


Frank stood on the left side of the stage and didn’t participate much in the show. He came in here and there but felt mostly like a session musicians rather than a member of the band. Tornillo did a great job and he has really grown into the role as lead singer since the last time we saw him. Accept 2.0 feels now like a solid unit and it was a great show the legends treated us with. The fans once again went crazy when they heard the first tunes of “Metal Heart” but it felt also like they have taken the more current songs to their hears. “Teutonic Terror” was followed by “Balls To The Wall” with the usual sing a long parts. Behind the drums hung a huge back drop with the band name on it but besides that was the stage free from gadgets and pyros. “Fast As A Shark” made the crowd go berserk and Tornillo urged everyone in the audience to sing a long. That classical song ended 45 minutes of greatness and we were really sorry that we had missed 15 minutes of this magical afternoon. Anders is an old fan of the band and even he thinks that the loss of Udo Dirkschneider has now faded.


Set list

Hung, Drawn And Quartered


Restless And Wild


Princess Of The Dawn

Losers And Winners


Metal Heart

Teutonic Terror

Balls To The Wall

Fast As A Shark

And so was it time to go over to the other stage to take a look at what Jason Newsted was up to with his new band Newsted. In January came an EP and in August is the full length album due to be released. The band was scheduled to go on stage at 3.30 and at that time went the intro on. The music we heard was gangsta rap and we weren’t sure of what to expect.


“Heroic Dose” and “Soldierheard” was the first songs out and the crowd sure welcomed Newsted warmly. Jason thanked everyone for being there and said it was great fun to be in Copenhagen again. The band are:

Jason Newsted – lead vocals, bass

Jesus Mendez Jr – drums

Jessie Fornsworth – guitar

Mike Mushok – guitar

Jason said that metal music brings everyone together and while he spoke he changed his bass to a guitar with one of the other members and fired off “Skyscraper”. The band gave a really solid impression on stage and it felt like they all were skilled musicians. Jason seemed to be happy with the respond he got from the crowd and worked really hard with connecting with the fans. He said it was way too long since he last visited Copenhagen and once again said it was great that so many wanted to see the band live. “As the Crow Flies” followed and Jason’s voice worked really well in this kind of music. He impressed us a great deal actually. A lot of crowd surfing went on, not only during this show but overall, and Newsted wanted the fans to form a circlepit which the fans gladly did. He said it was time to play his personal favorite song from the forthcoming album and it was “Long Time Dead”.


The next song was taken from the EP and the song was “King Of The Underdogs”. At the end of the song he snuck in a bridge from the Metallica song “Creeping Death” and shouted Die, Die, Die along with the crowd. Jason said that the audience was one of the first ones to hear the new song from the new album and the song “Twisted Tail Of The Comet” followed. It felt like the audience really liked the performance and that Newsted also felt at home on stage with his new band. The Metallica cover “Whiplash” ended the 50 minute long performance and it seemed like the fans and the band was equally ecstatic over the show. This show was surely one of the better ones this day and it was fun to see Jason Newsted on his own doing a thing he loves.


Set list

Heroic Dose



As The Crow Flies

Long Time Dead

King Of The Underdogs Creeping Death bridge

Twisted Tail Of The Comet


We cruised off over to the Helviti stage in order to see the Swedish power metal act Sabaton. They recently released their album CAROLUS REX and they recorded it on both Swedish and English. The drummer Robban Back is taking a leave of absence and is now replaced by the legendary drummer Snowy Shaw and we were really anxious to see him behind the drums this afternoon. The band haven’t got a keyboardplayer and uses now only backtracks. Nothing but a backdrop and a few micstands was positioned on stage as we arrived and many fans had already gathered to see the warmachine in action. A few minutes before the band came on did the old Europe hit “The Final Coutdown” come on in the speakers and as soon as the song ended came the band on stage.


Snowy Shaw appeared first on stage and the rest of the band, except singer Brodén came out to the first notes of “Ghost Division”. Brodén leaped out on stage in a Bruce Dickinson-esque way and greeted the roar from the fans. The band is:

Joakim Brodén – lead vocals

Per Sundström – bass

Chris Rörland – guitar

Thorbjörn Englund – guitar

Snowy Shaw – drums

Brodén thanked the fans for the mighty support and introduced, in Swedish, the song “Gott Mit Uns”. The song is in Swedish but despite that did the fans at the front sing a long with Brodén. The entire band ran around like maniacs on stage fooling around and joking with each other during the show. Brodén said that usually doesn’t the crowd be as crazy as you when we play this early during the day but that the Copenhell fans sure made the band feel welcome. “Carolus Rex” and a funny short version of the Village People “Y.M.C.A” followed. Brodén asked if he was going to speak in Swedish or in English and decided to switch to English. Smart move, even though Sweden and Denmark are neighbors it can be a bit tricky to understand each others languages. Brodén wanted everyone to jump and sing along in “Uprising” which everyone did. “The Lion From the North” followed as well as the Swedish “Karolinens Bön”. The band divided the audience into three parts and wanted each part to scream as loud as they could. And when the band was satisfied went the show on.


Sure it was fun to watch the guys in the front doing their thing but it was even more fun to watch the amazing Shaw on drums. He added stamina and fun to the music with his amazing work of art and gorgeous drum fills. That man is a drum genius no doubt about that. “40:1” followed and then it was time for the band to leave the stage and only Shaw remained. The fans screamed Sabaton, Sabaton and finally they fired off “The Art Of War”. Brodén wanted everyone to jump and sing a long in “Primo Victoria” which of course every fan did. He said that everything have to come to an end and so also this show and the last song for the evening was “Metal Crue”. At the end of the song jumped Brodén down into the pit and crowdsurfed. That song ended 60 minutes of madness and even though neither one of us is a fan of Sabaton we had to admit that it was kind of fun to see the band and to see that the band has got such a big fanbase outside Sweden. The new version of Sabaton is a mighty one and we do think that the fans loves also this version of the band as much as the old one.


Set list

Ghost Division

Gott Mit Uns

Carolus Rex


The Lion From The North

Karolinens Bön


The Art Of War

Primo Victoria

Metal Crue

While Sabaton was playing turned the festival area grey and we could sense a storm coming in. When the show was almost over we felt the dripping of raindrops and soon were the biggest rainweather in the history of Copenhell over us. It rained instantly and intense for about 60 minutes turning the ground to a lake.


Testament was about to go on after Sabaton and we heard rumors going around that they might have to either cancel or postpone the Testament show due to the rain and thunder. The stage wasn’t secure enough to be on during the rain storm. Grave was performing on the Pandemonium stage at 6 o clock and they began their show just when the storm hit the festival. We really wanted to see Grave but since the weather was so mean we did as so many other visitors and tried to find a somewhat dry place to stay. We couldn’t but stand still and wait for the storm to calm. At 6.30 had the storm calmed and trucks came and began to empty the area on water. The fence was put back a bit in front of the Helviti stage and that was because of the security of the stage and the fans. About 15 minutes after scheduled time the presenters came out on stage and told us that the show was going to be delayed due to the force of the heavy rain. Luckily the show was the show possible to do and Testament began their show about 15 minutes late.


“Rise Up” and “More Than Meets The Eye” was the first songs out and the band was really tight and solid as a unit. Testament is:

Chuck Billy – lead vocals

Eric Peterson – guitar

Greg Christian – bass

Alex Skolnick – guitar

Gene Hoglan – drums

Billy thanked the crazy fans a lot and said that the next song was featured in the Best of the American Indian film festival and that the song won. Billy said he was proud of his heritage and showed his t-shirt where Testament was written together with an indian on it. The song was of course “Native Blood” but halfway through the song stopped Billy the rest of the band because he had forgotten the lyrics. But it was only to kick off the song again because Billy said it was a really important song for him and wanted to make the song justice. This time the song went better and the band seemed to happy. “True American Hate” and “Dark Roots Of Earth” followed and the fans seemed to be really excited to see their heroes on Danish soil. Testament delivered a mean, aggressive and heavy set and all of the members did a great job and connected with the audience in a really great way. As usual stood Billy and sang in his half micstand looking really brutal. He made a circle movement with the micstand and a circle pit was formed instantly in front of the stage, a really muddy and greasy circle pit.


A big backdrop portraying the latest cover art work from the album DARK ROOTS OF EARTH and on each side of the stage was two smaller backdrops placed. Besides that was there nothing else on stage so the members had plenty of room to move around on. Billy said that it was time to do a song from their second album and asked if there were any old school Testament fans there. The song was “Into The Pit” and the crowd went mental when they heard the song and a circle pit was formed right away. Peterson and Skolnick delivered some really edgy and heavy guitar riffs and the amazing Gene Hoglan contributed with rock solid drum fills. To see Hoglan in action is a real experience and he makes it all look so easy.


Billy thanked the fans for the love and “Practice What You Preach” and “The New Order” followed. Then it was time for some more old school material in “The Haunting”. Billy let the audience sing the chorus on their own and during the song showed the sun up again and Billy said that it was him that had brought out the sun again. “Over The Wall” continued the show and Billy seemed to be really pleased with the great support the band got from the fans. The current songs worked as well as the old classics did and we couldn’t but be impressed by these mighty thrash legends. Now it was time to travel back in time to listen to two songs from THE LEGACY in “Over The Wall” and “D.N.R (Do Not Resuscitate)”. Both the band and the fans seemed to love the songs and “3 Days In Darkness” followed. “The Formation of Damnation” ended the 75 minute show this rainy day and as soon as the song had ended went the band of stage. We were really happy with the show and had nothing to complain about. It was as always nice to see these icons in action on a live stage.


Set list

Rise Up

More Than Meets the Eye

Native Blood

True American Hate

Dark Roots Of Earth

Into The Pit

Practice What You Preach

The New Order

The Haunting

Alone In The Dark

D.N.R (Do Not Resuscitate)

3 Days In Darkness

The Formation Of Damnation

Since Testament was delayed began the next act instantly on the Hades stage and it was the British pirates in Alestorm that was unleashed. Alestorm are from Scottland and their latest album came 2011 titled BACK THROUGH TIME. The folk/pirate metal the band plays didn’t appeal to any of us but we decided to check them out anyway, at least for a while. The audience that had gathered in front of the stage were crazy and shouted for the band to come out and begin their quest.


The band leader and founder Bowes seemed to be happy with the respond the band got from the fans and now we understood why we had seen so many people dressed out as pirates earlier during the day. The band is:

Christopher Bowes – lead vocals, keyboards

Peter Alcorn – drums

Dani Evans – guitar

Gareth Murdock – bass

Elliot Vernon – keyboards

The band ran through two songs before Bowes picked up a bottle and said that the following song was about liquor. He said that most of their songs actually are about liquor, pirates, women and quests and laughed. The tree frontmen worked hard to get the crowd going and the fans loved every song and every move the band did. We can’t shake away the feeling that Alestorm feels like a cover act of some kind however it’s really hard to take them seriously. The sound system worked great and so did the smoke machine that drenched also this band in smoke. We left the show after having seen 30 minutes of the craziness. By then were we fed up with pirates and hearing songs about quests over the sea.


We went over to the food stands to grab something to eat before it was time to see Down. We were really surprised to see the prices on the food. Everything was really expensive compared to last year. The best thing with the stands was that they were scattered over the area but the worst thing was the price of the food. The area was a bit bigger than last year which was great and we could see a lot of health care people as well as security on the area and that felt good to see. As soon as the rain came it disappeared and now was the sun showing up again. We grabbed a burger and headed over to the Helviti stage so see Down. Down is an all star group led by the former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo together with members from Crowbar and Corrosion of Conformity. The latest Down EP came at the end of last year called DOWN IV PART 1 THE PURPLE EP and they are supposed to release several EP’s instead of a studio album. It felt like the entire festival had shown up to see Down and we made our way into the crowd. At 9.30 was it time for Down to enter the stage.


As soon as the members showed up the fans screamed their lungs out and the members walked around a while on stage until they kicked off the night with “Eyes Of The South”. “Witchtripper” followed and the Down members are:

Phil Anselmo – lead vocals

Pepper Keenan – guitar

Kirk Windstein – guitar

Jimmy Bower – drums

Patrick Bruders – bass

Anselmo took a look at the crowd and said I like this, Fuck Download this is how it should be. Huge but still intimate, I like this. And the fans responded right away with cheers. Anselmo dedicated the next song to Dimebag when one in the audeince shouted something to Anselmo and Anselmo said fuck of your fag I have the mic you have to listen to what I have to say. “Lifer” continued and Anselmo walked back and forth across the stage. He worked really hard with connecting with the fans and up on stage at the side stood Testament and watched the show. Anselmo went over to Chuck Billy and let him sing a few words and introduced him to the crowd.


Anselmo seemed to be really pleased with the warm respond the band got but when one in the crowd screamed something to Anselmo he shouted back that if the guy had been nearer he would have beaten him up. “Lysergik Funeral Procession” followed and both Keenan and Windstein delivered heavy riffs during the show. Anselmo was as always a force of nature and impossible to tame and he only had to take a look at the crowd to make them do as he wished. “Hail the Leaf” and “Ghosts Along The Mississippi” continued and Anselmo pulled up his shirt and said that he and the boys began to grow old. Look at my belly and my arms he said. We’re old but who cares he said. Anselmo ran across the stage like a raging bull and nothing much has changed in his stage persona since the Pantera days. “Pillars Of Eternity” and “New Orleans Is A Dying Whore” followed as well as “Losing All”. Anselmo said that his was fucking nice festival and that he really liked Copenhell.


“Underneath Everything” made the people go crazy again and Anselmo said that after Down was the legend King Diamond about to play and that that show was going to be fucking awesome. “Stone the Crowe” from the first album followed and then said Anselmo it was time to play the last song for the night in “Bury Me In Smoke”. At the end of the song came members of Testament and In Flames in on stage and the song turned into an instrumental tune. Anselmo ended the song with saying “Lets end this mother fucker right” and sang “And she is buying some weed in heaven” and he wanted the fans to sing a long. He dropped the mic on the floor and went of stage. 75 minutes flew by quickly and during the show had the darkness set. It was a brilliant show and it was so fun to see Anselmo and Down in action. He was in a great mood and the show went great. It was sad though that they only played one song from the latest EP and no song from the album OVER THE UNDER. But besides that was both us and the fans really happy with what we’ve just seen and Down sure was one of the highlights of the festival.


Set list

Eyes Of the South



Lysergik Funeral Procession

Hail The Leaf

Ghosts Along The Mississippi

Pillars Of Eternity

New Orleans Is A Dying Whore

Losing All

Underneath Everything

Stone¨The Crow

Bury Me In Smoke

And so we once again moved towards the Hades stage to see the God Seed show. There were quite a lot of people on the area now and it felt like the amount of people had increased this day compared to the previous day. The last act out on the Hades stage was God Seed fronted by the ex Gorgoroth singer Gaahl. God Seed’s debut album came 2012 and is called “I Begin”. Many fans had gathered in front of the stage to see their idol. And soon was it so time for Gaahl and King Ov Hell to conquer the Danish night.

God Seed

The stage filled up with smoke and the band began the show with “Sign of An Open Eye”. As soon as the intro was done came Gaahl out on stage and he walked around on stage in his corpsepaint while he sang. “Awake” followed the music was extreme, fast and brutal and was perfectly framed in the darkness at the festival. “Aldrande Tre” and “Carving A Giant” continued and Gaahl slowly walked around watching the people in the crowd. The set list was a mix from songs from the new album and old Gorgoroth songs. In the middle people began to leave the show but that probably depended on that they wanted to have great places at the following King Diamond show.


“Exit Through Carved Stones”, “Prosperity And Beauty” and “This From The Past” ended the show and about 50 minutes had passed. This was not anything that we usually go to see at a show but the fun with a festival is to see something that you’re not used to see. Even though this was not our kind of music it’s fun to see and feel the atmosphere at a black metal show and to see the dedicated fans that really loves their idols.

Set list

Sign Of An Open Eye


Aldrande Tre

Carving A Giant

From The Running Of Blood

Wound Upon Wound

Alt Liv

Exit Through Carved Stones

Prosperity And Beauty

This From The Past

So we moved us across the area to the Hades stage where the crew was busy preparing for King Diamond. The stage was now covered in black drapes so we couldn’t see anything of what was going on behind the curtains. The latest King Diamond album GIVE ME YOUR SOUL PLEASE came 2007 and he began to perform at chosen festivals last summer in Europe. A lot of the people we saw during the day had make-up on that looked like King Diamond. The amount of people that was waiting for King Diamond was really huge and definitely one of the biggest crowds of the festival and we could feel the excitement and anticipation from the fans and it was pretty contagious.

A few minutes before 12.15 which was the time King Diamond was about to begin his show came one of the presenters out on stage and said that it was time to see a living legend on stage and a few minutes later was the curtains unveiled.

King Diamond

All of the members besides King Diamond himself stood on stage and played the intro to “The Candle”. The stage was framed with a fence and behind the fence stood the band. When the fans saw King Diamond appear a huge roar went through the night. The band members are:

King Diamond – lead vocals

Andy LaRoque – guitar

Hal Patino – bass

Mike Wead – guitar

Matt Thompson – drums

The stage was built to look like the inside of a house with a stair in the middle. King Diamond walked around across the stage and sometimes he tried to stick out his head in between the fence. “Welcome Home” followed and an old lady in a wheelchair rolled in. She tried to escape but King Diamond wouldn’t let her go. She got up from the chair and began to walk around on stage slapping both King Diamond and the rest of the band with her cain. When the song was over King Diamond wheeled her over to the edge of the stage and she disappeared behind the stage. King Diamond asked how we were and said that the next song was “At The Grave”. A woman came in dancing and the next song was “Up From The Grave” where King Diamond had a shovel pretending to dig up something. Both the sound and the lighting were perfect and we could see Wead, LaRoque and Patino perfect.


King Diamond’s voice was perfect and he has really managed to keep it in perfect shape during the years. In “Voodoo” came again a woman out on stage dancing in front of King Diamond and when the song was over disappeared everyone and from the sound system came “Let It Be Done” and two monks appeared taking away the fence. The pentagram that hung above the stairs shined red in the night and when everything was done the song “Dreams” fired off. King Diamond didn’t talk much in between the songs but when he did he spoke in both English and Danish. He thanked the fans for the applauds and introduced the song “Sleepless Nights” from the album CONSPIRACY. When the song was over disappeared King Diamond and Hal Patino and the monks came out with two acoustical guitars to Wead and LaRoque and together they did a short acoustical part after which it was time for Thompson to do a drum solo. It was a short standard solo, not great but OK as a pause for King Diamond who maybe needed a short rest.


“Shapes Of The Black” followed and King Diamond showed up at the top of the stairs and asked us to give a warm hand for Thompson. Again, a dancer came out dancing at the front of the stage. The next song “Come To the Sabbath” was dedicated to one we couldn’t hear who it was because King Diamond now spoke on Danish. The old Mercyful Fate song made the fans go wild and everyone threw their hands up in the air. At the beginning of the song came a woman down walking the stairs holding two candles that she then placed in front of the drums. King Diamond thanked for the applauds and said it was time to play “Eye Of The Witch”. To see King Diamond is not only a musical journey it’s a feast for your eyes as well because so much is going on you could be happy with only watching the play. Every detail of the show was rehearsed and prepared into the smallest detail and he sure gave us a show to remember. That song also ended the ordinary set of the show but King Diamond shortly returned back and fired off “The Family Ghost” where a ghost came down the stairs. King Diamond looked down to the left of the stage saying that two fans that had followed him on the tour was there this night and they threw up a flag to King Diamond that said Happy Birthday because King Diamond’s birthday was the 14th of June when he turned 57.


So was it time for more Mercyful Fate material in “Evil” taken from the album MELISSA. After that he once again thanked the fans for being there but the fans wanted to hear even more from him so the band once again returned to fire off the last song for the night which was “Black Horsemen”. One of the female actors came up on stage pretending to give birth to a baby and that ended the show. By then had almost 90 minutes passed and so was Copenhell over for this year.

This was a majestic stage show and we were really blown away by King Diamond and his great band and stage presence. It was a varied set list with lots of personal favorite songs which made the show even better. King Diamond is back to attack and he proves that he still is a force to reckon with. This was the perfect way to end the festival.


Set list

The Candle

Welcome Home

At The Graves

Up From the Grave


Let It Be Done (Intro)


Sleepless Nights

Drum solo

Shapes Of Black

Come To The Sabbath

Eye Of The Witch

Encore 1

The Family Ghost


Encore 2

Black Horsemen

So was the clock 1.45 at night and it was time for us to head on home. We left the festival with a good feeling of having a great time, listening to some great music and having seen some really good performances. It’s been two long days but it was two fun days as well. Copenhell festival is a great festival that really deserves to grow even more in the future. It was a smart move of the festival to branch out bandwise and add not only extreme metal acts to the line-up. That definitely contributed to the increase of visitors. It was no problems to get to the metro station, the shuttle busses were waiting in line to transport the visitors home and back to the city. About 10.000 people had gathered during these two days at Refshaleoen to listen to good music drink cheap beer sponsored by Royal Beer, have a great time and to meet up with friends. Unfortunately didn’t we had  time to check out the festival area because of the constant shows. The festival had again managed to book some really great acts and there weren’t many things worth to mention in a negative way at all this year.


We lacked the two tv screens at the Helviti stage this year, those screens made it possible to watch the show from a distance if there were a band that you maybe weren’t that into but curious of what they did anyway. The food prices were way too high and that it maybe something to correct next year. Besides that were there nothing to make a remark on and we had a great time also this year at Copenhell. This is a festival you simply have to visit if you’re in Denmark or nearby next year. Thank you for this year Copenhell and hope to see you next year.





Thanks to Mikkel Mo from MoPr head of press at Copenhell for help with press/photo pass to the festival

Thanks to Mette Borgstrom and Jeppe Nissen at Live Nation Denmark for the help.

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