Copenhell Festival 2013 Refshaleoen Copenhagen,Denmark





Due to work obligations came we a little late to the festival the first day and sadly missed our Swedish pride & joy Amon Amarth. Instead we decided to wait for Illdisposed that was next in line this Friday afternoon that actually was quite sunny. A lot of people had already arrived to the festival and did their best to get in the party/festival mood. Many sat on the grassy hill drinking beer when we arrived and it was sure a perfect day to drink and enjoy great music on. Last year were there huge TV screens placed on each side of the Helviti stage but not this year.


The Danish thrash legends kicked off the show with the intense “Sense Of Darkness” which was instantly followed by “War”. The band consist of:

Bo “Subwoofer” Summer – lead vocals

Thomas “Muskellbux Jensen – drums

Jakob “Batten” Hansen – guitar

Ken Holst – guitar

Kussen – bass

The band had nothing on stage besides a huge backdrop and some amps on each side of the drums. Summer thanked the audience for the warm respond and said it was time for a song taken from the album THE PRESTIGE called “Weak Is Your God”. “I Believe In Me” followed and because Summer spoke in Danish during the songs it was sometimes hard to understand what he said. The crowd loved the show and jumped around during the entire show.


“Dark” and “Stop Running” continued the show and we was really impressed by how solid and heavy the band sounded live. It was easy to understand why these guys have achieved icon status in Denmark. “Throw Your Bolt” was followed by “A Child Is Missing” and “Submit”. “Now We’re History” ended the intense 45 minutes thrash show that was a really great way of kicking off the festival for us.


Set list

Sense Of Darkness


Weak Is Your God

I Believe In Me


Stop Running

Throw Your Bolts

A Child Is Missing


Now We’re History

We walked over to the Helviti stage where In Flames was about to kick off their show and a lot of fans had already gathered in front of the big stage. The band is still touring on the 2011 year album SOUNS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING and hasn’t recorded a new album since then. Suddenly came the intro music on and the stage was filled with smoke and shortly thereafter entered Gothenburg’s finest the biggest stage on Copenhell.

In Flames

As soon as the members showed up on stage, the crazy audience screamed out their love for the band and the show began with the amazing title track of the album “Sounds Of A Playground Fading”. It was followed by “Where the Dead Ships Dwell” and it was simply an amazing opening. Band members are:

Anders Fridén – lead vocals

Björn Gelotte – guitar

Peter Iwers – bass

Daniel Svensson – drums

Niclas Engelin – guitar

Fridén asked if we felt good and if the people on the hill felt good. “Pinball Map” continued and needless to say went the fans crazy in every song the band fired off. Fridén moved around on stage during the show and he connected instantly with the crowd. Both Iwers and Gelotte looked also really happy with the warm respond the band got from the Danish (and foreign) fans. “Trigger” was played and in the middle of the song stopped everyone playing and Fridén invited the fans to sing the chorus. Fridén then said it was time to get back to the 90’s and this was a song for the hardcore In Flames fans that was at the festival. “Embody The Invisible” followed and it was taken from the 1999 year album COLONY. There were a lot of crowdsurfing going on and the band seemed to like it a lot. Everyone walked then off stage and let Svensson kick off the next song which was the ground breaking hit “Cloud Connected” which brought down a major roar of happiness from the audience. It felt like many had been waiting for this particular song. Fridén said it was time for another old song in “The Hive” and he once again thanked for the support and looked really happy with the way the show continued. He wanted the crowd to give a big hand to the staff at the festival and especially to the medical people that took care of everyone who needed their help.


Now he wanted the fans to come really close to the band, he wanted too see some crowdsurfing and he wanted the fans to come so close he could smell them. “Ropes” and “Fear Is the Weakness” followed and the band put on an amazing show. In Flames sure proved why they are at the top of their genre. Fridén wanted to see everyone’s hands in the air and fired off “The Quiet Place” which was followed by “All For Me”. He said he’d never seen a Danish circle pit and urged the fans to form one in “The Mirror’s Truth” and of course was a huge circle pit formed.

“System” followed as well as “Deliver Us”. The band hadn’t got the usual pyro gear with them and that didn’t do anything. The band played pretty early so I guess pyro hadn’t worked out in broad daylight. The guys did really great without flames and sparks and let the music do the talking. We didn’t lack a single spark during the show, the songs did well without it. The next song was a love song from the band to the fans and it was “Take This Life”. So had the show come to an end and Fridén said that the next time the band was in Denmark they are going to have a new album out. He said that after In Flames was one of his all-time favorite acts going to play at the same stage and it was Alice In Chains. “My Sweet Shadow” was the closing song and the amazing show lasted for 1.15. The only thing that was negative with this show was that the sound was a little poor in the beginning of the show but once that was fixed it was perfect. It was a great set list and it was good that Fridén talked in English so that everyone understood what he said. Even though Sweden and Denmark borders to each other, it can be tricky to understand each other sometimes.



Set list

Sound Of A Playground Fading

Where The Dead Ships Dwell

Pinball Map


Embody The Invisible

Could Connected

The Hive

Ropes Fear Is The Weakness

The Quiet Place

All For Me

The Mirror’s Truth


Deliver Us

Take This Life

My Sweet Shadow

We had 15 minutes to get ready for Ghost after the In Flames show, so we moved over to the smaller Hades stage to see the ghouls from Sweden take on the Danish crowd. The band is out supporting their brand new album INFESTISUMAN an album that gotten great respond from all over the world. Unfortunately, the band was scheduled to play during the late afternoon/early night so the sun hadn’t set. Their music and show works better in darkness. A lot of people had already gathered in front of the stage as well as on the hill across the stage in order to see what the Swedish ghouls was going to deliver. The band has recently gotten a new singer in Papa Emeritius II.


The sun took cover behind a huge cloud and the area went a little darker when the intro began. Suiting one can think but I don’t think that the band is in touch with the weather gods. “Infestissumam” was heard as the smoke covered the stage. The five ghouls entered with their black cloaks and masks on and to be honest did the members look like they come straight from the Death Star where Dart Vader reign. The awesome “Per Aspera Ad Inferi” kicked off the show and the mighty Papa Emeritius showed himself.


He thanked the audience and the festival for the great welcome and then followed “Con Clavi Con Dio” which brought down a huge applaud from the crowd. There was no doubt that Ghost was one of the bands the people at the festival had been waiting for and even though one of us find their appearance a little too much we soon was eager to follow the way of the fans. “Prime Mover”, “Stand By Him” and “Secular Haze” – the first single from the new album followed and the fans loved every move the band made. Even though the lead singer didn’t do much connecting with the audience he had them in the palm of his hand from the very start. Not all of the songs are strong and solid but we can’t deny the fact that the members are great at building a solid atmosphere. “Death Knell”, “Satan Prayer”, “Year Zero” continued the show and now the sun actually came back. The two last songs were “Ritual” and “Monstrance Clock” and about 50 minutes had flew by.


There was no doubt that this show was one of the better ones during the festival and even though the music is brilliant I can’t but wish for a little more action on stage from time to time. Maybe their debut single is old now but I have loved to hear “Elizabeth” one more time.

Set list

Infestissumam (intro)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi

Con Clavi Con Dio

Prime Mover

Stand By Him

Secular Haze

Death Knell

Satan Prayer

Year Zero


Monstrance Clock

After seeing the nameless ghouls was it time to see one of the most groundbreaking bands within the grunge genre Alice In Chains. In May came “The Devil Put The Dinosaurs Here” and today are only two original members left in the line up – Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney. Nothing but a drumkit and amps stood on the Helviti stage when we came to the area. People arrived from here and there and soon were the ground full of Alice In Chains fans and in front of us stood Anders Fridén and Peter Iwers from In Flames also anticipating the band to go on. This year had the Helviti stage been lowered down so it was much easier to take pictures.

Alice In Chains

The band members looked really happy when they came out on stage and the show kicked immediately with “Them Bones” which of course was an excellent song to begin with. “Dam That River” continued after which DuVall said hello to the festival and that it was fun to be in Copenhagen. “Again” followed and the band members are:

Jerry Cantrell – guitar

Sean Kinney – drums

Mike Inez – bass

William DuVall – lead vocals, guitar

DuVall’s voice sounded brilliant and he fit perfectly as frontman in this band. DuVall took on his guitar and thanked for the warm welcome and presented the song “Check My Brain” taken from the album BLACK GIVES AWAY TO BLUE from 2009. All of the three men at the front did their best to get the crowd going and they sure gave their all and with a smile. Cantrell delivered some solid guitar riffs and it was really great to see him live in action again. “Hollow” followed and DuVall seemed to be really happy with the respond from the fans. “We Die Young”, “Facelift” and “Down In A Hole” continued the show and DuVall said that Copenhagen looked beautiful tonight. The audience seemed to love the 90’s classics the most and many fans crowdsurfed their way through the show. “Acid Bubble” and “Stone” followed but in the middle of “Stone” crashed the PA system and everything went silence.


This happened about 45 minutes into the show and the fans did their best to keep up the momentum and clapped and cheered for the band. The crew managed to get one mic running and DuVall came out and explained the debacle the crew was in and how they were working to get everything in order and up and running again. Apparently was there a power outage, the electricity was working on stage but there were problems with the mixing table. This thing should not be happening on a festival. It took almost 20 minutes before DuVall came back and said that everything looked OK. During the break went Cantrell down in the photo pit talking to fans, shaking their hands and handing out guitar pics. DuVall said that they were going to finish the show and if the fans hanged in there then the band would too. It was easy to see that the pause was really frustrating for the members and they couldn’t do anything but wait. Finally they could play “Stone” again and the show continued. “Angry Chair” and “Man In the Box” followed and the focus the band lost when the PA crashed they found again when they heard and felt the massive respond from the fans.


Needless to say, the most appreciated songs were “Would” and “Rooster” which ended the show. As soon as the last song was over thanked the band the fans for their support and the show was over. DuVall and Cantrell really put on a show but also Inez and Kinney left a mark at Copenhell. It was so nice to hear all the classical tunes again and if the 20 minutes pause hadn’t occurred had this show been one of the better ones during the festival. However did the band give proof of how skilled and experienced they are when they handled the incident in the great way they did.

Set list

Them Bones

Dam That River


Check My Brain


We Die Young

Down In A Hole

Acid Bubble Stone + power outage

Angry Chair

Man In The Box



The darkness had now set on the festival on the first day and to our surprise and happiness hadn’t it been raining during the entire day. And there were no rain during the night either. Parkway Drive was the next band up on Hades and because of the power outage began Parkway Drive their show as soon as Alice In Chains had closed their set. The band comes from Australia and has released four albums so far. The latest one came last year titled ATLAS. We had never heard the band before but many had and there were quite a huge crowd that had gathered to see the band.

Parkway Drive

“Sparks” and “Old Ghost/New Regrets” opened the show and it was full speed ahead from the very start. All of the members jumped around on stage as well as the audience did. The members in the band are.

Winston McCall – lead vocals

Jeff Ling – guitar

Luke Kilpatrick – guitar

Jia O’Connor – bass

Ben Gordon – drums

McCall thanked the fans for the support and fired off ”Sleepwalker” and ”Karma” as the next songs. In our ears sounded the music like mellcore and it was not in our taste at all. All of the members ran around like maniacs and did a great job with getting the crowd going. Both crowd surfing as well as circlepits took place during the show and it was no doubt about the fact that the crowd loved the bands music. “Wild Eyes”, “Boneyards” and “Idols and Anchors” followed in the night and even though we didn’t appreciated the music it was fun to see the fans love for the band.


Other songs that followed were “Dead Man’s Chest”, “Dark Days” and “Deliver Me”. The show moved on in a rapidly speed and soon was it time to end the show. McCall once again thanked for the major support the band got and announced the last song for the evening which was “Carrion”. The show was intense and it felt like the fans had a blast. The sound was great but the lighting worse. We were surprised that the stage could take so much beating, everyone on the stage ran around like maniacs during the show. As soon as the show was over moved the people over to Helviti where it soon was time for the headline act Danzig to take over the festival.

Set list


Old Ghosts/New Regrets



Wild Eyes


Idols And Anchors

Dead Man’s Chest

Dark Days

Deliver Me

Home Is For The Heartless

Romance Is Dead



At the stroke of 12,15 was it so time for Danzig to make his entrance on the festival. Earlier during the week got we a mail that said that only selected media was allowed to take pictures of the show and they wanted the media to respect the decisions from the management on who they allowed and well at the festival it turned out that we wasn’t one of those. After a long day we grabbed something to eat and decided to go home and get some sleep before it was once again time to hit the road and get back to Copenhell. A great first day had come to an end and the next day was going to begin with Accept really early so we got on one of the shuttle busses and went to the train station.







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