The Rolling Stones – Crossfire Hurricane (DVD)

The Rolling Stones
Crossfire Hurricane (DVD)
2013, Eagle Vision
Rating: 4.5/5





Yet another fine Rolling Stones release from Eagle Rock. Each and every Stones DVD and Blu-Ray that Eagle puts out are superb. I enjoy watching each and every one of them, some multiple times. This one is no different.

CROSSFIRE HURRICANE is an essential film for every Stones fan and for Rock n’ Roll fans in general. It shows the band both on stage and off while telling a story of their journey  to being the biggest band in Rock n’ Roll. This DVD is filled with information and fantastic performances such as “Sympathy For The Devil” from ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS. Even the bad times such as the death of Brian Jones and the Altamont disaster are featured. Nothing is left untouched as far as major events are concerned.

The quality varies throughout as you’d expect with a documentary style film such as this but it works well. For the age of some of the footage it is in surprisingly good shape. Sound-wise there are no complaints. It isn’t the latest HD Surround but that wouldn’t suit the visuals. A film of this nature should be viewed in basic 2ch stereo as with all music. Leave the surround for your Action and Horror movies.

This is one of the best Rock n’ Roll films out there. This type of film is almost a lost art this day in age. There needs to be more like this.