Frank Zappa – A Token Of His Extreme (DVD)

Frank Zappa Zappa-A-Token-of-His-Extreme
A Token Of His Extreme (DVD)
2013, Eagle Vision
Rating: 4/5





As you’d expect this DVD isn’t for everyone. It is for Zappa fans and it probably won’t win him any new ones. This DVD showcases Frank’s brilliance as a songwriter along with his unique sense of humor.

A TOKEN OF HIS EXTREME is a DVD that is difficult for words to describe. As mentioned in the opening lines of this review it showcases his humor and talent. It was filmed in typical video of the era. It look like an old TV show that someone taped off on VHS. It isn’t your 1080p HD release that we are all getting used to. This does not even become an issue as it is the content that really matters and there is plenty of it. Seeing Frank live with his band and watching how they interact and improvise on the spot is magnificent. Every musician on the stage is of the highest caliber. They all look to be having a great time playing the music. Even the animation/claymation segment that was done by Bruce Bickford is amazing. Strange as you’d expect but really amazing especially when you realize it was all done by hand and not computer generated. This is the real deal.

This program was never commercially issued until now and it has been highly sought after by Zappa Fanatics for many years. Thanks to the fine folks at Eagle Rock we get to see it in it’s full glory as Frank wanted. A definite own for every fan of Frank.