Former HELLION Bassist Teddy Days’ Memorial Service To Be Held July 27th In Yucca Valley, California

HELLION singer Ann Boleyn has issued the following update in regards to former Hellion bassist, Teddy Days, who passed away on July 10th at 48 years of age.

“Thanks go out to everybody for their comments concerning former Hellion bass player, Teddy Days, who died last week.

I had not been in contact with Teddy for many years, but tried to track him down about six months ago. Teddy had been going by a different name and had changed his appearance which made finding him difficult.

Ironically, he sent a FB friend request to my “Ann Boleyn III” personal page with the name “Slade Sin”, which I accepted. Pat Kelley PK, who spoke to Teddy (aka Slade Sin) almost daily, said that Teddy told him I was a FB friend and that he was going to see how long it took me to figure out who he was. (Teddy was always a practical joker.) Pat Kelley has more details about what happened.

Memorial services will be held July 27th at 2 PM at Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel – 57373 Joshua Ln., Yucca Valley, CA. All are invited.”

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