Former Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted Premieres New Songs on Popular Web Series

Jason Newsted
Jason Newsted

The latest recordings from former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted’s new band, ‘Newsted’, which are debuting on the newest episode of Break Media’s hit web-series, ‘Man at Arms’ (on Newsted’s heavy metal pairs as background for the gritty series, which follows famous Hollywood blacksmith, Tony Swatton, as he builds real-life versions of iconic pop-culture (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix, Spider-Man, etc…) weapons by hand. See the clip below for the latest episode featuring music from Newsted as Swatton recreates Wolverine’s claws.

Newsted contributes three songs for the episode, ‘Long Time Dead’, ‘King of the Underdogs’, and ‘Heroic Dose’. The album, Heavy Metal Music is available on iTunes pre-sale today (07/16) and is available everywhere August 6th.

Music courtesy of Chophouse Records / Collective Sounds

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