Roadburn Festival 2013 – Tilburg Holland

Roadburn Festival 2013: SUNDAY

Japan’s Sigh have some a long way since their primitive death/black origins to more of an operatic oriented show performance. Sigh is the  brainchild of Mirai with his better half Mikannibal along with the back-up forces on the instruments. For obvious reasons, the attention got directed to the show and above all performance of the Sigh couple, the music took a backseat. All kinds of tricks for example by messing with blood was the essential part of the show of Sigh.  The frontman Mirai occasionally was roaming all around the stage while the femal saxophist and the half better of Mirai was washing herself with the blood. However Sigh’s music sounds dramatically different from these kinds of other bands.


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The name of the band, Nihil, already brings some mind association to all readers, yes the Dutch Nihill’s brutal nihilistic barbaric militant  black war metal sounded totally raw. In the darkened venue, the Dutch Nihil raged without showing the mercy. Brutal as hell!!!

Spiritual Beggars could be listed as a super group with several familiar faces and names in their ranks. However, Beggars is the pure brainchild of the master of the band, Micael Ammott. However it was former Firewind singer, Apollo, who definitely stole the show and stage by being an extreme charismatic singer and frontman for Spiritual Beggars.  His strong, and at times mellow, voice fit perfectly to the 70’s sound crowned with Hammond keyboard sounds. Spiritual Beggars has drawn obvious influences from the 70’s era of hard rock – Deep Purple, Whitesnake are obvious influences. It was a nice gig for sure and truly enjoyable.

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Leprous…well…. this kind of metal core (if it is the right term) didn’t click at all with what Leprous performed on the stage . After playing 30 minutes Leprous left the stage and returned back with Ihsahn as a frontman. Ihsahn’s material is closer to the progressive approach than the extreme metal of any type. Their stuff started sounding quite uninteresting in the long run. Leprous was a suitable background band  for Ihsahn, their part of the whole set was worthless.




The last band finally was Switchblade hailing from Sweden. Once again, another sludge doom stoner or whatever buzzing sonic assault. The stuff was extremely doomy slow and heavy as well. When Switchblade ended, it was about time to head back to Amsterdam. The long massive four days of ear sonic torment had reached the end. The pleasure of pain of Roadburn was over for 2013.

Videoreport of the Roadburn Festival by Super208 Productions