Roadburn Festival 2013 – Tilburg Holland

Roadburn Festival 2013: SATURDAY

The French metallers Alcest have gained the needed fame during the past few years. The band pulled a pure atmospheric and ethereal set with  beautiful hymns. The catchy spell-bounding riffs and songs echoed though the main hall of 013. The Frenchmen created a touchy atmospheric mood. Even the audience was entirely on a hypnotic trip.

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The Ruins Of Beverast had been placed into the Het Patronaat building which is the old church/cathedral looking structure. Therefore, The Ruins Of Beverast’s raw and brutal outburst fit well to their surroundings.  The band’s raw and brutal delivery echoed in the catacombs of Het Patronaat with tremendous volume. Their stuff could be described a hybrid mix of death/black/doom with a personal touch. The Ruins Of Beverast’s nihilistic and barbaric sounds were extremely raw.

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Victor Griffin is very acquainted to oadburn as the man has performed with Pentagram, Deathrow and of course Places Of Skulls. Now Griffin made a debut show with In-Graved at Roadburn. The line-up as well consisted of the former Trouble drummer on the keyboards. The band sounded strong, even though some technical failures occurred here and there. The four piece went thru all the songs from the debut album of In-Graved and performed a couple of songs of Places Of Skulls. Of course, nothing from Trouble and Pentagram was played. Griffin is an incredible singer with a strong southern rock and blues oriented touch. His stage presence, along with the former Trouble’s member’s,  literally captured the whole stage, leaving the bassist and drummer a bit to the darker corner of the stage.


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The Finnish occult rockers, Jess And The Ancient Ones,  conquered the small Green Stage in the packed venue. The occult rockers delivered good and solid  hypnotic riffs and songs. The front lady truly handled the vocals most awesomely. Frankly, a small venue creates the required  atmosphere for this kind of atmospheric psychedelic rock. Especially in the case of Jess And The Ancient Ones, a small and intimate club is the right choice as bigger open air festivals do not bring the needed essential feeling at all. However, Jess And The Ancient Ones hammered out most songs off their debut album and a couple of newer ones. The audience was truly spell bound.

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The legendary Godflesh  visited the Roadburn festival a few years back doing the mighty STREET CLEANER from the beginning to the end. The massive pressure of the noise could be felt in the chest, making hearts jump an extra couple of times. However, Godflesh had been asked to return to Roadburn to perform the whole PURE album from the beginning to the end, as expected. The two piece, with the aid of a computer, helped unleash an intense set of industrial with ripping guitar riffs. The pressure of the sounds wasn’t that oppressive making the heart jump out of the chest this time, but however it was beating brutal intensive.

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Seeing the long time Dutch death metal veterans Asphyx at Roadburn was a little bit unexpected surprise after all as the organization of the Roadburn festival wasn’t that thrilled to book Asphyx in the first place. But some minds got changed after all. The four piece unleashed a mind-blowing set of the doomest death hymns ever written and published by the band. Asphyx sounded superb and above all utterly raw and deadly heavy. Obviously the tunes had been more down as songs sounded heavier and even more brutal than on albums. Especially the new track “As the Magma Mammoth Rises” off from the latest output was extremely pure bulldozering raw. Van Drunen’s throat ripping vocals are still as strong and brutal as over twenty years ago.  Asphyx’s murderous set was the true lesson of the purest death/doom metal as not having slowed down or having started exploring new musical territories.

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