Roadburn Festival 2013 – Tilburg Holland

Roadburn Festival 2013: FRIDAY

Another band of the Primordial guys, Dread Sovereign, had been placed to kick Friday off. Once again, another three-piece on the bill, but Dread Sovereign sounded absolutely different compared to Primordial. Dread Sovereign could be described a hybrid mix of raw black metal with some celtic elements. The stuff was utter heavy with A.A. Nemtheanga’s personal and recognizable voice. The man himself is known for the ultimate passionate frontman in Primordial, but with Dread Sovereign he focused on the bass playing and handling the vocals.

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The reunited Dream Death had been booked to kick the second day off on the main stage. Unfortunately, the band had serious technical problems ruining the beginning of the set. But the band found the touch and got on speed toward the end. The set consisted of all the old material from the heyday of the 80’s, including a couple of the demo releases.

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Witch Mountain had been praised a lot in different sites and media, therefore the interest toward the band was on the high hype. The material was heavy doom with the heavy metal elements tied up. For some reason the material didn’t hit like tons of bricks as expected. Obviously Witch Mountain’s live performance was quite stoned, but expecting some wild performance from them would have been quite hilarious.

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Jeez, this was an ultimate slow doom metal as Witchsorrow offered a real lesson in pure down-tuned funeral doom. Nothing less or nothing more to add.

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The Green Venue was again totally packed when the four-piece out of Richmond Cough unleashed the really super heavy stoner doom maelstrom. The stage was hardly lit when Cough literally unleashed depressive heavy stuff. There ain’t words enough to describe how brutal heavy and nihilistic Cough sounded.



The British doom/sludge four piece Electric Wizard obtained increased success during the past few years. Obviously, one of reasons is the phenomena of the current doom metal boom flourishing at the moment. The main venue was totally packed when the opening doomy riffs literally roared out of the loudspeakers. The audience went entirely berserk with banging heads, enjoying a full lungful of weed to reach the level of the pure enjoyment and the excitement. Eletctric Wizard sounded sludging heavy, making the audience bang their heads, above all enjoying the massive rolling sounds of Electric Wizard. The sound managed to be clear, but at the same stoned heavy without loosing its groove.  Even though Electric Wizard has been hyped during the past years, they haven’t given up their originality at all.

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Amenra was witnessed some years ago at Roadburn of course, The band carved into the memory for the brutal and hyper whipping stuff and the light had been turned to the darker to create the certain atmosphere. Obviously Amenra’s reputation of being the nihilistic live band had been reached hundreds of other people as the venue was totally packed. The band kicked the set off with the hyper blasting ear piercing maelstrom. The screaming vocals with the hyper blasting riff are the essential trademarks of what the band is known for. Of course the lights had been darkened.