Classic CANADIAN Artists Get The Digital Treatment As WARNER MUSIC CANADA Opens The Vaults

Warner Music Canada opens its vaults today with the first of a series of digital releases from classic Canadian artists ranging from Honeymoon Suite to Streetheart to Messenjah and the Rheostatics.  The label has gone back to the original master tapes of albums that have not been in circulation in over a decade in order to make them available through all Digital Service Providers.  A full list of titles is posted below.

Commenting on the announcement, Warner Music Canada President Steve Kane states: “In today’s increasingly active and robust digital marketplace, we wanted to undertake an aggressive campaign to make sure many of Canada’s important heritage artists are available in high digital quality. Warner Music Canada is proud of our contributions to the Canadian music scene over the past 45 years and these records are a part of that rich history.”

Arnold Lanni, founding member of Frozen Ghost, says: “I just got word that Warner Music is making my Frozen Ghost catalogue available digitally and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel! I’m happy for the thousands of fans who supported me and the Frozen Ghost project that will now be able to enjoy these songs on their favorite device.”

Gerry McGhee, frontman of Brighton Rock, says: “Seems a little like déjà vu to finally have Take A Deep Breath for the first time ever available in its true completed form with all the songs from the sessions. And to be working on a new album 24 years later, I guess what’s old is new again.”

More titles will be released from the Warner Music Canada vaults later in the year.

Titles to be made available:

Brighton Rock                    Take A Deep Breath
Frozen Ghost                     Frozen Ghost
Frozen Ghost                     Shake Your Spirit
George Fox                        With All My Might
Glen Stace                          Road To Damascus
Glen Stace                          Buddha Hotel
Harem Scarem                  Voice Of Reason
Honeymoon Suite           Racing After Midnight
Honeymoon Suite        Monsters Under The Bed
Messenjah                         Sessions
Moxy Fruvous                   You Will Go To The Moon
One Ton                               Abnormal Pleasures
The Skydiggers                  Road Radio
Wide Mouth Mason       Stew
Wide Mouth Mason       Wide Mouth Mason
Streetheart                        Meanwhile Back In Paris
Streetheart                        Under Heaven Over Hell
Streetheart                        Action: The Best Of Streetheart
Rheostatics                         Whale Music
Rheostatics                         Music From The Motion Picture Whale Music
Rheostatics                         Introducing Happiness
Eddie Schwartz                  Public Life